Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Taking A Quick Break

I don't have time right now to comment on all the blogs I read but I will soon. Right now I'm at the rental house just finishing up the cleaning. Everything is pretty much moved out of here except this computer. All I have to do is finish the bathroom floor. At the new house I've pretty much got the kitchen set up. I lined all the insides of the cabinets and the drawers with new shelf paper and put everything away. Russell is over there right now working on the bathtub adding a shower to it. We've got the family room sorta set up on one side but I have not touched the area that will have my exercise stuff and sewing machine. We had to buy a new (used) dryer because the one we had here was electric and the new house requires a gas one. I'm going to buy a that is compact not one of those long ones and try to hang most of the clothes out to save money. It's really windy here so they should dry quickly. I hung out all of our clothes when we lived in SC. We are going to make sure we have all energy saving light bulbs in the house like we did here. There are lots of ceiling fans...I think there are 5 or 6 of them and that requires a lot of bulbs and since they are $10 for a 3 pack of the fan bulbs we will have to buy them a few at a time. I'm sure we will come up with some other ways to save money. I don't want to have huge utility bills because I can't afford it. This house is more than twice the size so we have to be careful. We are going to Walmart later to get a shower curtain for the PINK bathroom. Guess what....I'm not going to get pink! Oh yeah the bathroom even has a ceiling fan which Russell has to take out because it will interfere with the shower. He's going to put a vent fan in it's place...I'm not sure what it's called but it's handy to have for after MEN go to the bathroom. ;) Haha...well I better get off here and finish up so I can go HOME.
Y'all have a wonderful evening.


  1. Hi, Barb: Sounds like you are really busy. We are STILL working on this house, too. You won't believe it--the bathroom hubby just painted is a pale----PINK! I'm going to call a friend to go to the Spirit Fair this weekend. It's on Meridian. Ever go? Should be fun. Don't work too hard. Next project for hubby is the deck. Just getting started on it. Boy, I dread that one! Take care. D

  2. Sounds like everything's coming together nicely. :)

    Regardless of the size of the place it's a good idea to do what you can to save money. Besides, the less electric or gas you use, the less of a drain it will be on the planet.

    Of course, this goes for everyone else as well.

  3. It sounds like you are having fun getting the new house ready. Be sure to post pictures as I am anxious to see all that you have done. It really does look like a great place!


  4. Just a thought... why don't you remove some of the CFL you put in the rental and take them with you? Put the cheapo stuff back in the fixtures, but reuse the ones you spent good money on.

    Just my 2 cents!

    Can't wait to see pictures of your new setup!

  5. You could take some of the lightbulbs from the place you are renting and replace them with bulbs from the new house!