Monday, April 6, 2009

I Hate Moving

If you don't feel like listening to complaining, then skip this post.

I don't handle change well at all. I thought that moving just 5 minutes away would be easy. But it's not. Today I have to call all the utilities which are in my name and switch them over. Russell is working right now and he needs to be here cause the utilities are in his Dad's name right now and I have to make sure they let me transfer my accounts.
I've got a major mess in our current house and it looks like a pigsty. There is no sugar for my coffee cause it's over the other place. So I had to put tons of chocolate caramel creamer in it so it at least tastes half decent. I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee and my head still hurts even despite the fact that I took two extra strength Excedrin when I got up. I have a headache because I slept too long but I had to because I was exhausted. Despite the fact that I had 4 days off last week I did not really have a day off.
All my stuff is over the new house but there's still a lot of stuff in this place that still has to be moved. I have barely even made a dent in putting stuff away. At least the new house is not looking too bad because most of the things that need to be put away are in the guest room.
I'm going to be moving stuff all day and unpacking more stuff whether Russell has to work or not. Good thing we kept the back two rows of seats out of my van, I can fit lots of stuff in there. Right now I'm just trying to get motivated to do it all and get rid of my headache.
I have not cooked at all this week except to make chili which I figured we could eat for a few days. So not cooking means fast (fat) food! It does not even taste good, believe me. It sounds good when you want to get it but then you are eating it and it tastes like crap. Blah.
A strange woman stopped by and wanted to see our current house. She said the landlord sent her over here and told her to ask if she could take a peek in! Well I think not as I've really got a mess here with all the moving. She is looking for a place to live. I told her to wait until Wednesday because we should have everything out by then. It pi$$ed me off that the landlord would tell her to come over.
The stove in the new house is not working right. The Maytag people are scheduled to come Wednesday. It's a newer stove but the burners don't light without using a match and Russell wants it to work right. Also, the floor in the bathroom most likely needs to be replaced. When you sit on the toilet it's wobbly. Russell and his brother in law Steve are going to do that. There's no shower just a tub so we have this weird shower rod thing that converts it into a shower temporarily until it can be remodeled. I like taking baths so it would not be a problem for me but as for Russell....I have never seen him take a bath in the 5 years that I've been with him. He's so tall that I think it would be uncomfortable for him to fit in the tub. The pink tub. ;) haha
On a good note, we both like our neighbor on the right side of the house. She is the only one we met so far. She's an elderly woman probably in her 70's or even older. She invited us in while we were in the process of moving stuff in and we sat down while she proceeded to tell us her life story.....all about her *husbands* and putting her Dad in the nursing home and she really went into details on the latter. Then she'd forget what she told us and tell us again. Two hours later we finally got back to moving. I really do like her though. She will make a great neighbor. And if she needs help of any sort we can help her. Oh yeah, she has the cutest little old lady house with doilys all over the place including on the arms of the chairs and nic-nacs all over the place. Really neat.
Well I better get going now and get something done before the day is half over. My headache is pretty much gone now. I hope y'all have a wonderful day.


  1. Every box and every trip over to the new house brings you a step closer to your new home and the joys of home ownership... which include, unfortunately things like wobbly toilets and misbehaving stove burners.

    I had a smile thinking about a guy sitting in that pink bath tub... LOL... I'd be trying to get maximum bubbles to cover it over.

  2. Look on the bright side... This should be the last time you have to move. :)

  3. Oh, and I hope your headache doesn't keep coming back. *Hugs*

  4. Ahh! Moving is a job whether you are going 3 miles or 3,000 miles! Good luck!


  5. I feel your pain about moving. We had to do all the same stuff and we just moved downstairs. Just take a deep breath:)

  6. I'm sorry you are going through this, but it will all be over soon! (Secretly, I've very glad it ISN'T me!) Keep smiling!!