Monday, April 27, 2009


Today I went looking for a new sofa since I got my tax refund back. I decided to buy locally if possible. I found this sofa at a furniture store downtown. I got to talking to guy that was the manager there and it turned out he's Russell's cousin by marriage. Small world huh? Russell called me from home and he said he was coming to the store. We ended up with this sofa. We got an extra deal buy paying cash and they took off the tax on it which saved a good bit of money. It was getting late by the time I went to the bank and after that his cousin asked how we wanted it delivered. We were going to have to wait but he said he'd help us put it on Russell's trailer so he went to get that and then his cousin came to our house and helped him carry it in. He also helped him carry in a new air conditioner that his dad bought and it had been in the back of my van so that was a big help too. He was a really nice guy. :) We will surely buy more furniture there. The sun shining in the window makes the pillows on top look different colors but really they are the same. We put the furniture at kind of an angle and it looks pretty neat. Nothing is really decorated yet as we do not have a lot of stuff to put on the walls yet. So here are all the pics of what we have so far. :)

Here is the dining set that Russell got for $25 at a flea market when we first moved here and had in storage.
Here is the sofa in the family room. It has red tones to it so matches the red carpet perfectly. Russell's parents got new furniture and we bought this from them as well as the recliners in the living room.
Here is an antique stereo that was left here by the previous owner. It has a record player, 8 track and stereo. Russell's going to see if he can fix it...the record player part does not work. It will be really neat if he can get it working again.
Here's another picture in the family room.
One more in the family room with better lighting.
My messy computer, sewing area. My desk got messed up on the original move to NM so I left it there. I'll get a new one eventually and have a separate sewing and computer area.

Exercise Area

Other Stuff
Yesterday and last night while I was working we had some really bad thunderstorms. The lightening was hitting everywhere. I talked to Russell while I was on my break and he said he saw it hit over by one of the nearby stores that I shop at. I later heard it hit a transformer over there. It also hit in the Walmart parking lot. There was a tornado warning as well and one was sighted but I don't know if it hit anywhere.

I finally switched my insurance to Oklahoma insurance and I wish I'd done it sooner because I'm now saving over $300 every 6 months. Progressive is awesome. :) I kept putting off changing it because I thought it would go up due to the tornadoes and hail here so it was a big surprise when it went down so much.

Thanks to all who made the very nice comments about my job situation. Maybe some day I'll figure out what I want to be when I grow up. ;)

Blessings to y'all.


  1. Nice! Your family room looks like a church - a celtic church :) OMG how good is that dining table? 25 bucks you gotta be kidding me!

    This must be the positivity of the universe feeding back to you, eh Barb?

  2. Your house is really looking great and I love the furniture! Most of my furniture is very old, and quite a bit of it came from used furniture stores. You just can't beat it!


  3. Your home sweet home looks very sweet indeed!


  4. Sounds like you're enjoying turning that new house of yours in to a nice, new home. :)

    You're going to grow up? Why would you want to do that? ;)

  5. I'm not so sure I'd want a stereo with an 8-track player. Heck, I'm willing to bet flea markets don't even carry 8-tracks anymore. However, my wife thinks I'm crazy for converting all my cassette tapes to mp3 files.

  6. Your house looks great:) I love the big fluffy sofa in the family room. Im so happy for you guys:)

  7. OMG Barb...that could be my workout room. I have the same equipment here...LOL

  8. Wow!! Your house looks very sweet....... I like your sofas very much. I would try to pick at Walmart.