Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Peacefulness Of The Morning

I woke up early today to the sound of rain. Eventually it turned into a thunderstorm. Fortunately it did not last too long....just long enough to knock out the power for a few minutes and have to reset stuff in the house like the coffeepot and the internet modem. So now the storm has pretty much passed and I'm listening to the rain. I can hear a few birds in the background. Considering that we are rather close to town (closer than we'd like to be), there's a lot of nature here. I've seen tons of different birds and lots of squirrels in the back and front yard. I've even seen squirrels on the front porch. We sometimes sit in the living room and watch the birds.

Russell got the huge air conditioner put in the living room yesterday. So of course it's cool out again. That's usually the way it works isn't it? At least we have it in now and won't have to deal with mid 80 temps in the house anymore. That will be a relief.

I fell prey to an infomercial last night. I've seen the Ronco knife commercial several times and thought it would be neat to get those knives. But when I went to their website they made you buy two sets and the shipping was very high. Why would I need two sets? So I've noticed they had them at Walmart in the as seen on tv section for $29. It seems like when they have stuff in that section it's only there for a short time. So I had to get them. It was too tempting not too. There are actually more knives in this picture because there are 8 steak knives that they don't show. But it's really neat and the knives are huge! That meat cleaver thing is really heavy too. The funny thing is that each knive is wrapped separately in a cardboard sleeve and it says on them to be careful because the knives are very sharp. Well aren't knives supposed to be sharp? I don't know how good these knives are but if they are junk maybe I'll learn not to buy stuff I see on tv. ;)


  1. Well.. one of those knives has to be the one that isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer...


    I got a snowblower much like your air conditioner... I saved up for months and months and finally got it and it didn't snow all winter - so I think it worked marvelously!

  2. I left you something on my blog...

  3. Hope those knives are as good as they looked on TV. :)

    We're right on the edge of the town and have loads of birds and other wildlife around here. I think it's where the birds are running out of unpopulated areas to live in. Besides, since many people feed them they're smart to stick around. ;)