Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some better pictures

This is a better picture of the sofa I bought. I had to take the other pics with my cell phone because my camera is not working right.
Here's a picture of a really neat looking chair that goes with it that I want to get. However it's very expensive so I will wait till I get another bonus at work and then I'll put it on lay away. I think it's awesome that this store where I bought these has lay away.


  1. OMG!! That is wonderful Sofa and Chair Barb.

    I hope you will get your bonus soon.

  2. Barb: The house is really looking beautiful. All your hard work is paying off! I especially love those bargains we find at the flea markets and bargain stores. Ever go to Danny's auction? I may have asked you before. I have a lot of really nice things we've picked up there. Well, enjoy your new things. Looking good! D

  3. I ove your new sofa!!! I was looking at new living room sets today. I think maybe next year I might be able to talk Justin into buying me one:)

  4. I love that style! So elegant! Your home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing