Wednesday, April 29, 2009

rain....rain....go away

I came home from work today after just working 4 1/2 hours (0ne of my short days) and the 1st thing I noticed was that I could hear the alarm inside the house beeping. It was just getting dark out...this was after 8 pm and I was kinda nervous about going in. So I finally did go in and figured out how to stop the beeping but I never did figure out why it was beeping. Then I had to check all the rooms since the alarm was acting weird and see if anyone was in the house. I checked all the rooms and then went to the last room which is the family room. I noticed some white stuff on the red sofa. I was thinking to myself....what on earth is that? It did not register in my brain at first what it was till I looked up at the ceiling where there is now a big hole. Yup. We had tons of rain and wind the past couple of days. We are due for more. If you live in Oklahoma even if you have a brand new roof....shingles can get ripped off by the strong winds. So anyhow I got out the shop vac and cleaned up all the plaster that fell down and tried to suck up the water out of the two cushions that got wet but that did not work to well. I did clean up all the plaster. When looking at the hole I can see that it's been patched before and it probably leaked before as well and was not fixed, just plastered over. So now we need a new roof. We knew we'd need one eventually but not this soon. The plan was that when Russell got his taxes next year we'd get central air and heat. But not now. We will have to get a new roof. Russell is on his way home from work now and he's going up on the roof, in the dark to look at it. In the meantime, I just hope we don't get as much rain as we've been getting the past couple of days.

Ok now Russell is home and he just made me go outside and hold the ladder up while he went to the roof. It was lightening in the distance. First though he looked in the hole in the ceiling. There is black charred wood in it like it got hit by lightening. Something burnt it. There is only one burnt spot. It may have got hit by lightening some time ago or it may have been recent. We just don't know. So now he's going to get some tar at the storage and fix up the hole temporarily before it starts raining again. What a day it's turning out to be.

He got the tar and put it on. For now the storm seems to have passed us by but the winds are howling. Well that was my day today. I also made pot roast in the crock pot. I put it on before I went to work and when I got home it was done and then I made some brownies also.


  1. :(


    Well, that will probably be why the alarm was beeping when you got home.

    Hope the patch-up job holds until you can get the money together to get it fixed properly.

  2. Many prayers coming your way that the rain holds off, or at least stays out of your new home!


  3. If it is just the one burnt spot - perhaps you won't need a new roof - just a few shingles worth of patching (plus an inspection of the underlayment to make sure its not rotted).

    I've seen lightening strikes on chimneys... in one case, four of five bricks were shattered and scorched. The owner had some extra matching bricks around.

    I hate being on ladders!

  4. Bless your heart. When it rains, it pours. We've been in the same kind of bind for the last year. The house was in fair shape 6 years ago when we bought it. But this last year, we've roofed, sided, put up rock on part of the front of the house, and now rebuilding the balcony. Course, we've also been painting on the inside, too. It's been a handful.

    Gee, I hope the couch dries out okay.

    Mmmmm. I can smell the roast cooking all the way to Edmond!

    Crossing my fingers that nothing else unusual happens. Hey, I know the name of a good roofer! D

  5. have the spirit of Christ in You and You can do anything...this day is over and you can make tomorrow what you want it to be....Blessed Be...

  6. Justin drove through Oklahoma today and whenever I would call hgim I could hear the rain pounding on the window, he said he couldn't talk because the roads were bad. I guess at some point they hit a bad hail storm. I told him I had a friend in Oklahoma, he joked and siad " call her up see if we can get some breakfast:) I LOVE the rain, dark stormy days make me happy:)

  7. indigo incarnates

    We got our roof replaced two years ago. Man was it expensive! Aaaiieee!!! There is still one window in house that still needs to be replaced. If it rains really hard, the window leaks :(

  8. So sorry about your roof. Isn't it always something? You are lucky that Russell is handy, though. My husband is not and we would have had to go through the night with a leaky roof!

  9. I think your rain chant sent it all my way! If it doesn't stop raining here soon, I'm going to start farming rice!! Oh, and my house smells of wet dog all day long!!

  10. I have something for you on my blog. :)