Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday Talk

A few days ago, early in the morning, I was lying in bed and thinking about how people are always searching for something. At the time I was thinking about it, it was very clear in my mind but you know how that goes. It was kind of like a meditation where things come to me. People are always moving.....looking for that place that will finally make them happy, that place where they belong and they keep on moving around searching endlessly. They think if they find the right place they will find happiness....or if they find a different or new relationship things will be better....or if they lose weight things will be different...or if they just had the money to buy this or that.... and the list goes on and on. But that's not the way it works. Happiness does not come from a place, another person or any type of material things. What you are looking for is within and it always has been. There are affluent people who have everything in the world that they can possible want yet they are not happy. Then there are people who live in the middle of the jungle in a remote area uninfluenced by the outside world and they know the true meaning of happiness and life.
Too many of us hang onto our past. I'm guilty of it myself. When we let the past influence the present we are not living in the *moment*. It's like a big black cloud hanging over our heads that we refuse to let go of. It's not like it can just instantly be released but it can over time. We can be free of it. :)
We can create our own Heaven or Hell on Earth because they are a state of mind. Unfortunately many people choose to create Hell for themselves. I see so much more misery than I do joy every day.
We are the designers of our destiny and the creators of our lives. I took those phrases from *The Secret* movie but think about it, they are true. When all we do is think about the negative, that's what our lives become. Our thoughts become our reality. When we let go of all that, we become enlightened....or awakened as some would say.
For some awesome reading read any of the Eckhart Tolle books or watch the movie...The Secret. They have been out for some time but I can't say enough good things about them.
Everyday stuff:
It's been raining on and off for the past week. It's still leaking a bit in the family room but Russell knows where the leak is so he can work on it some more when it finally does stop raining. It's been raining pretty hard today and it was only leaking a very small amount. Before from the looks of the hole in the ceiling, it must have been gushing in.

I have not had a chance to plant a garden yet but I will get to it hopefully in the next week or so. I'm not going to plant much. Next year I'm going to do square foot gardening. I've got it planned out where I'm going to do it along one fence. It's going to be done in 4x4 planter boxes. The soil looks really good in the backyard. I was just out there bringing the trash out and noticed that beneath the grass is a layer of leaves that have been composting naturally. They were just never raked up. I'm going to make a compost pile that will be used for next years gardening.

I ordered and received some of the parts that had been missing to my total gym. It's the parts that allows me to do the leg exercises. They yesterday we were at True Value and noticed that they have some of the hitch pins that I need. Hopefully they will be the right thickness. If so, I can get them for only $4.19 each instead of the 10.95 they charge online plus shipping. I have to say that the company I ordered from is not Total Gym itself but a company called Hucks Products that makes replacements parts of much better quality than the original for the same price or less than what it would cost to make the original. They ship out stuff very promptly and it's good quality.

There was an awesome meat sale at a small grocery store here and it was from 10 am to 6 pm today so I went just before 10. It was pouring rain so I did not think that too many people would be there. Boy was I wrong. It was crazy! There were people buying whole carts full of meat because it was 5.99 for family packs which is a really cheap price. I got quite a bit and would have got more but our other freezer is still in storage and not set up yet. I hope they have this meat sale every so often because it's a good way to save and the meat looks really good. Russell was complaining last night that I don't have easy stuff he can cook....which to him is pork chops so I got a bunch of boneless ones and he likes to cook them on the George Foreman grill. He says normally I have things that are too complicated for him to cook that have too many ingredients. But who is he fooling? He really does know how to cook pretty good but wants to take the easy way out. Pork chops, baked potatoes in the microwave and corn is his idea of a gourmet meal. ;)

I'm almost done with my crocheted blanket and good thing because I'm getting really tired of working on it. I want to get it done and over with so I can work on other stuff. I'll put on a picture of it when I'm done. I'm not sure what I'm going to work on next. I've got an old chair I'm going to refinish, I bought fabric and a pattern for me for a summer robe and I've got a cross stitch started. I've been online looking up Celtic tapestries that I may buy and use for curtains in the family room. Some are already pre-made into curtains but they may not be big enough for the windows in here so I may have to buy the large ones and make them myself. I think they would look really neat on the windows. Of course I'd have to get red since the carpet in here is red and the sofa has red in it as well. But I did see some awesome red ones that I really like and they are pretty inexpensive....cheaper than buying fabric to make curtains or buying ready made ones.

Well....this is getting way too long so I'll end it here.

I hope y'all are having a good week.


  1. Hey gal..... a good friend of mine always said, "Wherever you go, there you are." I thought about this expression when I read the first part of your post. Catch you soon!


  2. I totally agree about creating your own heaven or hell on earth!! I just finished my last final... so I am in Heaven!!

  3. Our society brainwashes us from a very tender age what we "need" in order to be happy.

    So many people cannot (or will not) see the difference between "want" and "need". There is so little we need, but there is so much that many want.

    If I learn to find happiness within during this lifetime - I shall be content. It will likely be a life-long journey though.

  4. I love the book * The Secret* I have not seen the movie...but would like to, I have a daily inspriational reading I do based off the secret...So awesome and so true when you think about it! I love your outlook and is what I have always said, so many ppl think the other side of the fence is much greener.....and some never decide to settle for what they have! Man I could post a long blog on this ......

    Blessings to you!

  5. Very wise words indeed. :)

    Russel's idea of a gormet meal sounds very much like Kelly's idea of one. He can cook, but he can't be bothered. And it's not that he doesn't like the food, because he'll eat it quite happily if someone else cooks it. He just doesn't like to do more work for making a meal than is absolutely essential... Even though - when he puts his mind to it - he really does do a good job with cooking. Mind you, I think my Dad's the same... He can cook too, but doesn't tend to, because it's easier for him if someone else does it. And when he does do it, he makes basic meals that anyone could do. Maybe it's a male thing? ;)

  6. Indigo Incarnates

    Yup.. the past can be quite the challenging specter to overcome. I fight it almost every day. And you're right that no one or no thing can *make* anyone happy. Most of the time I feel pretty happy though. It's not from material possessions. I think developing a meaningful spirituality has helped a lot.

  7. I am so with you...I picked up Charles Fillmore's Properity this weekend and started reading it on the way home tonight...good stuff...

  8. Barb: I haven't heard of the Secret before but sounds right up my alley. Where do you get all the energy you have to do all the things you do!! Wish I had just a little bit of it. I am so tired of rain! Today the sun came out and I just want it to stay out! I have a leak around the balcony door and it has me worried. Stop that rain!! Take care. D

  9. Good post. As I read what you are saying I can picture you in my head gardening and stuff:)