Friday, May 8, 2009


I see this sequence of numbers constantly. While to some it may just seem like a coincidence it has another meaning, a spiritual meaning. I see it on my register at work all the time, on the radio in my van, on the clock at home. I see it everywhere and I see it more often. Check out this website: If you google it there are lots of websites that will come up. This is just one of them. What it all comes down to is that there is a spiritual shift happening on this planet and if you don't feel it now you will in the near future. And believe me, it's a good thing! :)

Daily Thoughts and Happenings
Do you ever think about your life and how good it's going and wonder if it can continue that way? Can things ever go too perfectly? Life is not meant to be perfect. If we lived our lives in perfection what would we learn? Life with no twists and turns, life with no unexpected challenges thrown our way would be a very boring life. I've been thinking about this lately. Here we are Russell and I and things seem to be going pretty good, we have our new house and things are starting to come together. When we came here to Oklahoma we had to pretty much start over. Neither of us had jobs lined up, we had no place to live. We quickly found a place although it was not really what we had in mind. After we decided to stay there until his child support was done with we started doing small things to fix up the place. It was starting to look much better. Despite the unstable economy we were in a pretty stable situation. Then a chance came along where we were able to buy a house from Russell's Dad at a ridiculously low price so life starts over again. Just when we think things are going well, yesterday at Russell's work they had a meeting and told all the guys that in 2 weeks they were going to decide if they are going to keep the company open or not. They may let some more guys go or they may close it down completely. So this is another test of faith, another challenge. We have had many in our relationship over the past 5 years that we have been together. We will get through this one as well, whichever way it turns out. My faith is very strong at this time. All I have to do is remind myself that we are the creators of our life, we choose the path we want to be on and can take our lives in any direction we want.

We actually have some sunshine at this moment and also had some yesterday even though rain was forecast. We have had rain on and off for the past couple of weeks and the humidity is so high that everything feels damp. When I walked in the house after work yesterday the house smelled weird, almost musty. Putting the AC on took care of that and I burned some incense as well. As I'm writing this I just heard the tornado siren go off and I'm pretty sure they are just testing it. It's really loud from the back of the house where I'm sitting with the windows open. I'm not worried about it since the sun is shining and no tornadoes in sight. ;)

Today is a day off for myself and Russell is off as well. However he has a plumbing job to do for someone today and it's going to be a messy one underneath of a house. With all the rain we've had it's probably a mud pit under there.

I'm really bad about replying to comments on my posts so I've decided to add a section where I reply to them in each post. :)

Comments from previous post:
Jane: I like your friends saying. :)
Lisa: Glad to hear your finished the final! Way to go!
Intense Guy: It sure is a life long journey.
Rebag: The Secret is Awesome, you really should see the movie. That's neat that you do the daily inspirational reading.
Tori: It is so true that it's a man thing. Russell read your comment and laughed about it.
Indigo: I'm so glad to hear that you are happy most of the time.
drgngrl: Anything written by Charles Fillmore is well worth reading.
Donetta: You really should read the Secret or watch the movie. On the right side of my blog there's a link that will take you to the secret website, check it out if you get a chance. I'm tired of all this rain too!
Dana: I just might go dig part of that garden if the rain holds off.


  1. Russell's job is at stake?? NOOOO! I hope it all works out!

    My youngest is always seeing 9/11. We were living in Singapore when the 9/11 tragedy occurred, but ever since, she sees it everywhere!

  2. I'm all for challenges and twists and turns in life. But do they have to make it that some of us have nothing but challenges to face, while others have hardly any? I mean, where's the justice in that!

    Anyway... Hope Russel doesn't end up without a job. *Hugs*

  3. I am going to have to look up the 11:11. You made me curious. Have a great day Barb.

  4. If you click on "Juli" on my friends list it will take you to a blog where she always is pointing out numbers too. Almost everyday I look up at the clock and it says 4:20. My son was born April 20th

  5. Indigo Incarnates

    Things are mostly going okay in Indigoland other than the fact that our finances are always stretched thin. But what can ya do?

    I hope your weekend is nice.

    I feel blessed by Deity.

  6. You will never in a million years believe this. My birthday is 1-11-1951. My mom has always said that I was a number "1." She used to do numerology. Anything with "1s" seems to draw me to it. When I saw those ones, I thought--whoa! What's going on! Must mean you have things to teach me, I figure. Your following story about the faith you have that things will work out for the best--that must be a story I am meant to pay attention to. So, I will take a lesson from you! My retirement is coming soon and I've been pretty shaky about it. Maybe I just need to have faith. All good thoughts for you and Russel. Thanks for sharing your message. D

  7. Happy Mothers Day Barb !!!!

  8. You are so right about how we are the creators of our own lives. And knowing that has been a motivator for me - to take some steps toward improving my life.

    I think this economy will turn around soon - I really do. And I've seen quite a lot of infrastructure projects going on, road work and so on - and I keep reading about this push to refit buildings so they'll be more energy efficient - and stuff with green energy - solar. I think if I lost my job, that's the way I'd go. I saw an article about how some towns are kind of recession proof - because they have an industry or something that is not directly impacted by the economy. Like military towns and college towns and towns where there is a lot of government stuff.

    It's great that you too got each other's back. If I didn't have Keri to help me out, I'd be pretty lost.

  9. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

    (Sorry I'm late - I've been rather busy)