Sunday, May 10, 2009

Attraction And Gratitude

We draw things to us. When we dwell on the things we don't want....they are so much on our mind that they become our reality. For example if we dwell on how much we dislike our job, how much we hate going to work every day, how much the people there drive us nuts, we will continue to get back more of the same. Thoughts manifest into reality. We create this reality. Since we created it we can also re-create it into something that is much more beneficial to our lives. There have been times when before I've gone to work and I know it was going to be hectic because it was a holiday such as today.....that I have told myself before hand that I'm not going to let things get to me. I'm going to have a peaceful calm day. And guess what? It works. Why I don't do this every day, I don't know. But I sure am going to try. Can you tell I'm re-watching the movie The Secret? ;) One thing it says in the movie and in the book is to create a Gratitude list. What are we grateful for? This is the beginning of a new shift in our thoughts. So I'm going to do that. For now I'm going to make a list and I urge you to do the same. What are you grateful for?
1. I'm grateful to feel the joy of being alive.
2. I'm grateful for family especially my kids.
3. I'm grateful to have a wonderful, patient, kind man at my side.
4. I'm grateful to have a nice house to live in.
5. I'm grateful to live in a country where we have freedom.
6. I'm grateful to have the right to believe as I so choose.
7. I'm grateful for the material comforts I have in life. (did I really say that)?
8. I'm grateful to have a job.
9. I'm grateful that I can get up in the morning and do what needs to be done.
10. I'm grateful for chocolate. ;)

What are you grateful for?

Daily Thoughts And Happenings
I've got about half of the area dug where I'm going to have my small garden. It was extremely easy to dig because it's been so wet out. There were some concrete bricks over by the same house so I'm using those for a border for now. Next year it will be a square foot garden. I'm not sure what I'm going to plant yet but I do know I'll plant tomatoes and squash.

It's been raining again. I really love the rain and those cloudy overcast days. However I'm ready for some sunshine. One good thing is that it's cooled off and we don't have to run the AC. We want to run it at little as possible so we won't have high cooling bills. This house is a lot larger than the other one so we need to be careful. As the matter of fact, we are looking into solar and wind energy as an energy alternative. From what I've found online, it's very doable at a low cost if you make it yourself.

Comments from previous post.

Lisa: Everything will be fine. I have no doubt about it. I think it's interesting your daughter is always seeing 911. She could possible look into numerology and see what it means. There is a meaning behind everything.
Tori: It does seem that way doesn't it? Those people who have all the challenges are learning life lessons and progressing spiritually....that's the way I look at it.
drgngrl: You have a great day also!
Dana: I will check out that blog for sure when I get a chance. So was your son born at 4:20?
Happy Mother's Day to you as well!
Indigo: What can you do? Ask the universe for more! More good, not bad of course.
Donetta: It's awesome that you have those numbers for your birthday! Your numbers do add up to a number 1 when you add them all up so I see what your Mom is talking about. Thank you for your wonderful comment. :)
Bobby: I agree with your whole comment. I will take those steps right along with you. :) I especially agree about the green is definitely the way to go.


  1. Hi, Barb: Yet again. It's like you're speaking directly to me. I've been a bit down in the dumps over this retirement thing. Worried about what direction my life is taking and that I haven't done more with my life. Now, you are reminding me to be grateful. To recreate my reality and make it positive. Going to start working on it! I couldn't find the link you mentioned about the movie- Secret. Am I just not focusing in on it? I'll try again. Thanks for all your words of guidance. D

  2. Can't wait to see pictures of your new garden!! Don't forget to plant some basil to go with the tomatoes and squash.

    Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to you! Yeah, I'm late, what else is new, so sue me!! LOL

  3. I am grateful for having you as my friend. <3

  4. What am I grateful for? Hmmm... Let me think...

    (In no particular order):

    1. I'm grateful to have my husband, who's stood by me through everything (despite me offering him the option to say, "I didn't sign up for this," and leave).
    2. I'm grateful that we have a regular income, and that we aren't facing the prospect of unemployment and lack of finances (as many are right now).
    3. I'm grateful that we have a roof over our head, even though we don't own it ourselves. It's still better than some have.
    4. I'm grateful that we have plenty of food to eat.
    5. I'm grateful that I'm still alive.
    6. I'm grateful that I have the freedom to use my own mind, and make my own choices about my beliefs, and my life.
    7. I'm grateful for my family and my friends.
    8. I'm grateful for all the things we have. Not because it means anything to me to have piles of material posessions, but because we are in a position to have them, which is more than many people can say.
    9. I'm grateful for Kero, because he gives me the strength to get up and go out for walks in the scary world I've been forced in to. Without him I don't think I'd be able to face going out for walks without another human with me.
    10. I'm grateful for the senses I have left. Without which my world would be even more of a scary place than it is now.

    Anyway... Good work on the garden. :)

  5. I'm grateful to have discovered your blog and to get to read it.


    You have some very beautiful reflections.

  6. Came here via Intense Guy's blog - you've got a lovely blog. This is a great post. Had a similar one sometime back.
    Take care and I look forward to visiting here often.


  7. My son was born at 3:31 am