Monday, April 13, 2009

Spending Too Much $$$ & Other Stuff

I'm off work today and it took me half the day just to file my taxes with Turbo Tax. I feel like that's wasted time. If I did not procrastinate and did my taxes earlier I would have already got my money back but I'd have already spent it too. I'm going to buy a new sofa for the living room. We had a really ugly one at the other house and I told Russell we were not bringing it here because I hated it. He wanted to use it temporarily but I knew if we did we'd be stuck with it so he gave it to a guy in the apartment complex that was next to that house as he had no sofa. He also gave him our old kitchen table and an extra fridge we had. I think it's nice to give. We do have a sofa in the family room but it does not match the living room at all and matches the family room perfectly. Anyhow back to the taxes...I had to use the last of my money to pay for doing the taxes for the state of NM where I lived for a couple of months at the beginning of last year. So lucky me, I'm broke until payday which is Thursday. Even then, I'm going to get a small paycheck because that was the week I took off time to go to NM to get my stuff. It will be all gone as soon as I get it. Bills and food. I'm lucky I'd been stocking up on food awhile back and now all I have to do is buy some meats, milk and other basic stuff but we don't need much. This house is getting expensive but I'm sure that's to be expected when you get a new place. I know it was like that when I got my house in NM. We have not even done anything major...just what absolutely needs to be done for now. We had the kitchen stove fixed by the expensive Maytag repairman, Russell put in a new heater and had to put in gas lines for that as well, fixed the shower and lots of other little things. We got our internet switched over to this house and we were only one day without any internet.

Yesterday Russell told me to come in the family room and he'd show me how to light the gas stove that looks like an old wood stove. He told me to light the extra long lighter thing and then turn on the gas to light the pilot. Well when I did the whole thing filled with flames cause evidentally I did not do it quick enough and flames shot out everywhere and burnt my hand. He lit it several times with no problem. Well that was a fun experience. Not! I think that this stove was formerly a wood stove and I'd like to have it converted back to one. I prefer a wood stove over a gas one, that's for sure. I need to do some research on it and see what I can find out about it.

The only thing that I've cooked lately was a ham on Easter. I like cooking big meals because then I don't have to cook for a couple of days. Cooking is not a high priority at this time, but getting everything unpacked is. I've still got tons of boxes in the family room to unpack. It should take a couple more days to do it. I decided not to work on it yesterday even though I did not work until 3 pm. I slept late then cooked my Easter meal and then relaxed the rest of the time. As soon as I get off this computer I'm going to go work on unpacking.

Sometime today I'm going to try to cook up some breakfast burritos and put them in the freezer. We have a bunch of free eggs from a guy at Russell's work who has chickens. Russell was trying to pay him for them but now he gives us them for free. :) I bought all the ingredients I need to make them and they are yummy. Then all you have to do is take one out of the freezer and pop it in the microwave....heat and eat.

Well that's pretty much it for today. I'm going to get off here and get to work.
Have a great day!


  1. It's always expensive when you get a new home and need to get yourself all set up. Once you get yourselves all sorted out and settled in things should ease off. In the meantime you have your food stores to fall back on. Hang in there! :)

  2. I bet your breakfast burritos are yummy...I can almost smell 'em now.


  3. Those gas heaters and stove are to scary for me. And shouldnt turbo tax be fast:) You will be so happy when your new home is complete, hang in there

  4. Hey there... once you are settled in, you will love your place. Can completely understand about the lack of $$ as well!


  5. Indigo Incarnates

    Doug and I are getting a new couch with out tax refund too. I can't wait for it to come!

  6. Hubby and I are STILL doing remodels here. He's working on putting in a new balcony. The old one was leaking. He just painted the front door one coat but will have to have another. Took off the back door and fixed a hole and getting ready to paint it. Just never stops. I fixed a ham on Easter, too. Not the good cook that you are, though. Hope you are enjoying the house. D