Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Night News

I came home at lunch time today to find out that Russell had set up my exercise area in the family room. Does that say something or what? Then I saw him online looking for replacement parts for my Total Gym that came up missing while my stuff was in NM. To replace the parts which are mostly hitch pins are very expensive. I also need a couple other parts so I'm going to order just what I need to be able to use the basic parts of the total gym. Later on, I'll get the other things.

Yesterday we cleaned an apartment for the ex-landlord. It was totally gross and really smelled bad because the tenants left food in the fridge and chicken in the trash and it had been there for several weeks. I couldn't bare the smell! So Russell and Shawn (ex landlord) went and took all the furniture out of the house and all of the old food as well and threw it in the alley for trash pickup. While they did that I visited with the friendly lady next door to that place. After they did that the place was not so bad and it took about 2 1/2 hours to clean. I did charge him extra though.

I worked from 7 am to 4 today which I'm really beginning to dislike as I'm turning into a night owl and I have a really hard time getting up. Thankfully, I only get those hours maybe once a week and then the rest are later hours which I prefer. After I came home and finished looking for the Total gym stuff, we went and cleaned a large house. Russell did the bathroom and was almost done with it when he got called into work. So I had to finish up the whole house by myself. :( Then I found out he's going to be gone all night but he will be driving through this city very close to here, so hopefully no later than midnight I'll go bring him some sandwiches and snacks and a drink. I can't have my honey go hungry now can I?

I don't like being in this house alone at night. I told Russell I just might have to get a dog.....a dog or a gun. He said....get a gun. We both agreed on no pets previously but who knows....maybe he will change his mind? Can y'all see me as a gun toting granny? I did learn to shoot years ago in ROTC but now I'd probably shoot my foot off or something. ;)

I've got most of the stuff in this house unpacked now except for some of my craft stuff and a few other odds and ends and Russell still has to organize his office. I want to finish it all up by Monday because that's my next day off and I'm going to actually take the day off. No cleaning other houses or apartments and no doing major stuff around here. I want an actual day off where I don't have to work at something else. Otherwise I'm going to get burnt out really soon.

Something really horrible happened to a man at Russell's work. One of the drivers misjudged a turn and was going at too fast of a speed and rolled his tanker truck and was pinned under it and died. This happened on Saturday. What is really bad about it is that this guy had a really bad attitude and was mean to all the other drives so nobody really wants to go to his funeral. I told Russell he should go anyhow in support of his family. I don't know if he will or not. I hope he does.

Recently at my work I heard this story. It happened before I came in for the day. People in the parking lot came running inside yelling to call 911. A man left his two kids in the car ages 3 and 5 and they put the car in gear and backed it into a man who was loading bicycles in his vehicles and he was pinned there. They announced it over the intercom at Walmart and the Dad of the kids ran out and got in his car with the kids in it and took off. I don't know if they caught him or not.

One more thing. I got my yearly raise at work. So now I'll be making a bit more money and every cent counts.

I guess that's it for recent news. I hope y'all are doing well.


  1. Wow! You have had a really busy day! I'm sorry about the man who was killed; I can understand you not wanting to go to the funeral as well. Hope that your weekend is great --


  2. The dead man's family must be in shock. I hope they thought better of him than his co-workers.

    That idiot that "hit and ran" (by way of his kids left in the car) must of left the keys in it... I think most transmissions now lock in place. What the heck was he thinking???!?

    You live an interesting life you know. :)

  3. Personally I think a dog would be better than a gun. I don't like guns. Over here you wouldn't have a choice. You can't get a shooting licence as easily as you can over there. Even the police don't all get guns here.

    That's awaful about nobody wanting to go to that man's funeral. Liked or not, he was still a fellow employee.

    And that poor other man who got hit by the car with the kids in it... Did he live? I hope they got hold of that Dad. What kind of idiot leaves their kids in the car? And... What kind of person would race off like that? That's just dreadful! *Shaking head*