Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garden Pics

Here is a before picture of where I planted my garden.
Here is after I dug it up.
Here are a few of the plants. These are yellow pear tomatoes.
These are eggplants and basil
Here are a couple of jalapenos and some oregano and thyme.
Yellow crookneck squash.
Some zucchini.

A couple of watermelon plants.
What I planted was Early girl tomatoes, big boy tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes (total of about 12 tomato plants) , cucumbers, yellow crookneck squash, zucchini, 2 eggplants, 2 watermelons, 3 herbs & 2 jalapenos peppers. I'm sure I planted too much for that size of a space and next year when I do square foot gardening I'll be prepared ahead of time and more organized. Hopefully I'll start a lot of things from seed instead of spending so much money on plants. I also bought peat moss, some Scott organic topsoil and some bags that were a mixture organic hummus and manure. So that's it for now. I'll put some more pics when the things start to grow.


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm looking great!! Gonna be some good eating!

  2. Good luck! I hope your thumbs (and big toes) are green - the garden certainly looks good.