Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spiders and Holes in the yard.

There is a cruddy old shed in the backyard that needs to be replace with a storage shed. I now call it the spider shed. When I walked in there the other day, there were tons of clusters of daddy long legs all over the place. Here's a pic of some of them. You can't really see them too good cause it looks kind of blurry.
Here is one of two holes that are in the back yard. I was worried that it was a gopher hole. I asked a couple of people at work and they said if it was a gopher hole there would be a mound of dirt next to it. Otherwise they's is an armadillo hole. Jeeze, I didn't even know there were armadillos in this state. They said that they are looking for grubs to eat and once the rain is all gone and things dry up, they will leave. And they said they will not bother the garden.I guess you learn something new every day huh?


  1. As long as I've lived in Oklahoma, I have never heard this one! You are right-learn something new every day.

    Weatherman says more storms tonight. I haven't even dried out yet! Supposed to be sun shine to stay next week, though! Yay!!

    Your garden area looks so nice. You put in a lot of work on it. Nice job!

    I have 5 more work days to go and I retire!! I can't believe it. D

  2. Like you said... You learn something new every day. :)

    I tell you what... There aren't many times I'm glad I can't see photos, but this is one of them... I DO NOT like spiders!

  3. I think I prefer armadillos to spiders myself... LOL!