Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Having Faith

I think there are times when we all lose our faith. For me my faith seems to be the strongest when all things in my life fit together like a puzzle and when I feel good spiritually, mentally and physically. I don't think that you can have one of these things off balance and have strong faith. This is my opinion anyhow and it may not pertain to everyone.
For awhile there, I seemed to have little faith. Russell would tell me get with the program which to me means get on the right path and have faith that things will work out. And things always have worked out. My faith is strong now. :)
We need to have faith in ourselves as well as in the Universal Power....whatever you may choose to call it. Sure there will be times when our Faith is tested such as when things happen in our lives that we can't control or understand. That is how we become stronger. When we look to blame God or other people for things that happen in our lives we are not learning anything from what we consider bad situations in our lives. I find it odd when people blame God for things. Not that long ago we had those really bad fires in Oklahoma and I saw on the news this interview with a man who was saying.....Why did God do this? Does he really think that God started those fires? Or people say.....Why did God let her/her get that illness? The God I know is loving and good and does not hurt anyone or anything. How could anyone have faith in a God like that? Things happen, we get through it and we learn. Maybe we learn to have more compassion, to be more patient and understanding or to have more faith. I'd like to think so. This is what having faith means to me. What does it mean to you?
Daily Happenings
Not much going on here today. I worked in the yard a bit since the sun is out. As I was sitting here writing about faith, the tornado siren started going off. They were probably just testing it since it's bright and sunny but it went off for a long time and made me kind of nervous. But it's stopped now. Anyhow back to what I was saying....I think I need to expand my garden! I'm doing it along the side of one fence with concrete blocks on one side to hold the dirt in. The bricks were just in a pile along the side of the house and didn't cost anything. I'm trying to spend as little money as possible. I still have some more blocks so I'm going to make it a bit longer so I can plant more. I'll put pics on here when I'm done.

Comments from previous post
Jane: Thank you. On some of those meme's I was just being silly. My lifelong dreams was never to be a sewage plant worker or garbage truck driver!
Tori: I loved your list too! Working in the garden in the rain....sounds fun. :)
Intense Guy: behave yourself mister. ;)


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  2. Ah, Faith! Can be hard to keep! I love the zen saying......


  3. a deep subject for most and yes sometimes I find myself not necessarily loseing faith but perhaps in a weaker state! I was told once by a friend that preaches at a universal church she said that when i find my faith weakening and I am aware it is that is Satan doing his work because naturally he doesnt want to see us happy or strong...unless its for I do often think of that...and by nature we ask why such events happen in our lives but never ever have I ever blamed God because i know deep down I have set my path and even though I do not have 100% control of everything there are reasons and just oerhaps sometimes for some of us unfortunate it takes a disaster to get on our knees and look to our higher power no matter who or what it is .I agree with you, my God is a loveing and forgiving God..hes given me alot to be greatful for!

  4. Faith. I think I have it. But not sure how to define it. Maybe I feel it more than understand it.

    I'm watching the money, too. For the last 2 years, we've had a lot of remodeling and also sickness. Boy, those medical bills can sure add up.

    Sending lotsa good thought your way...D

  5. Faith is a topic I can't get in to discussions on right now, because I'm a little confused about what I believe at this point.

    As for your garden... I'm glad you're making progress with getting it sorted. :)

  6. There is a scene from the old Dawson's Creek show that has stuck with me for years. In it, Jen's grandfather is in the hospital dying and her grandmother suggests that she pray. Jen launches into a tirade about how she will not pray to a god that would give her grandfather a stroke, kill him and leave them alone. The grandmother replies that she isn't praying for God to save her husband, it is part of HIs plan. Rather, she is praying that he will turn her mind because she is really really angry with Him right now!

    I love perspective shifts, don't you??

  7. I thought you meant you deleted the obnoxious comment "by mistake" and were deadpanning it.

    I'm not sure I have much in the way of faith. I've been brought up and trained as a mechanical engineer - pragmatic and practical... Its has its advantages but not being able to take things on "faith" can deprive one of the comforts it seems to bring people.

  8. Indigo Incarnates

    I think for me, i had to find a meaningful belief system before I could find real faith. My experience with Christianity pretty much taught me that YHVH is a hateful, capricious, war god that couldn't give a flip about his followers, but is happy to reward greedy, decietful sociopaths.

    My Wiccan experience is that the Goddess is loving, life-affirming, and is not ashamed of how people and nature function. The moral guide of "if it harm none, do as thou will" is a superior ethical stance compared to the Christian/Islamic attitude of "kill anyone who's different / kill the unbeliever."

  9. First of all, Happy Belated mothers day..I love this title Having Faith.I love this post a lot and there are so many times that actually Faith in God protect you from harmful incident... on the other side, we have times when we loose faith in GOD becuase we are not happy what happen to us and we blame GOD for that but we dont look at our fault... so many time it happens to me personally i lost faith in GOD but than i again believe it in GOD because as a human being we are not that strong and get confused easily... anyhow i wish all the best for you

    GOD bless you

  10. I've often wondered how things "may have been." As if by intelligent design things should've turned out better than they have.