Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stuck in the big house

Her life in the *big house* was sheer misery. The walls of her cell closed in her as she she stood there hour after hour. Each minute felt like an eternity. She thought about staging a breakout but that was only in her dreams. She thought to herself....why am I here when I didn't do anything? If she said those words to anyone she'd receive the answer....that's what they all say. Then there were the other inmates. They were grumpy and just wanted out of there like she did. The unforms were unbecoming. She'd just have to ride out her sentence until her time was up. What else could she do?

Here is the real meaning of the above paragraph.

Working at Walmart is boring. Being stuck in the smoke shop where she could not leave the register is even more boring. When it's not busy the time goes slowly. She thought about saying she was sick so she could go home early but decided against it. The customers are crabby and grumpy and the kids are tired. They all just wanted to finish up and leave. Doesn't anyone realize that blue and khaki don't go together too well when it comes to style? She'd just have to deal with it and finish up her shift. What else could she do?

Ok so I'm just making fun of myself for being so bored with working at Walmart.

Here's some really good news. My honey was offered a job driving a gravel truck for $1,000 a week. That's pretty good pay huh? That's way more than he's making now. Of course that's before taxes but that's a lot of money especially for this area. With that kind of money the house should be paid of really quickly. :)


  1. Thats really good news about your honeys new job!! My week is going okay, thanks for asking:)

  2. Sorry you're hating your job so much. *Hugs*

    That's great about the job Russel was offered though. :)

  3. I can understand completely your boredom with your job! Maybe with Russ' pay increase, you can look into something else? Good luck!


  4. You could take a tin cup and banging against some bars at work... LOL!

    And yay!! great news about Russell getting nice work!

  5. I like the clip art LOL.....fits my job some days too!!

    Hey is he gonna take the job?? That is great money even for here..dang I dont hardly make that in a month after taxes! :(

    Best wishes in the prospect!