Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trying to get motivated

I don't feel very motivated to do much of anything. Luckily this house since it's so large does not get very messy because there are plenty of places to put stuff. I just wish we could have one cooler day where I could go out in the yard because there's lots of stuff I need to do like weeding. I have some things I need to sew as well but I just sit around on the computer looking up gardening stuff or knitting and watching rented movies. We've rented quite a few lately and one that we watched yesterday and surprisingly Russell brought it home, was the Last Templars. It was really good. It's about a secret scroll that was supposedly the gospel of Jesus and how the Vatican tried to keep it from coming out because of how it would forever change Christianity. We both really liked it and want to buy that movie.

I have too many negative thoughts about work. I know I need to just be grateful that I have a stable job and remind myself that I will change jobs when the economy picks up. Working in retail is not my dream job. I find myself in awe when I see people that have been working there for 5 , 10 or even 20 years. I don't know how they do it. I wouldn't even want to.

Have any of you been on the Hulu website? It's www.hulu.com. As long as you have high speed internet you can watch tv show and movies on there. I've watched some pretty neat old movies. And it's free. Check it out. I really love that site.


  1. Hope you get a day where it's cool enough to work in the garden soon.

  2. I have a ton of movies to catch up - thanks for the Hula dot com link!