Friday, June 5, 2009

I didn't even know it was missing!

Check out this ridiculous email I got.

Good Day

We the FastWay Delivery Company are glad to send you this
email to notify you concerning your ATM CARD which is in
our custody for the past few months.

We want you to understand that the delivery fees is been
paid by the authorities (Unicef Compensation head Office)
and what you need to do now is to contact us immediately
so that the delivery will commence to your doorstep as
soon as possible.

Note that you are to pay $100 Dollars for the safe
keeping security fees of your ATM CARD to the CSAN so
that immediately effect will take place for the delivery
of your ATM CARD and also we are going to send down your
Tracking Number to you as soon as the CSA
(Custom Security Agency)cashier officer has
confirm your payment.

If you know you won't be able to pay the $100 Dollars
for safe keeping of your ATM CARD to the CSA
(Custom Security Agency)please do not respond back to this
email, and your ATM CARD will be return back to the Unicef
compensation head office which you will not be able to get
the ATM CARD again.

Please we repeat our self again that if you know you will
not be able to pay for the safe keeping of your ATM CARD
which is $100 USD to the CSA(Custom Security Agency) who
make sure your ATM CARD is keep properly please I beg you
not to respond to this email because it will not help.

Do fill this information and get back to us ASP you
this message.

Reconfirm your mailing address.


Full Name:.........
Mailing Address:..........
Personal Phone Number...........


As soon as you are ready to make the payment of the
safe keeping to the CSA(Custom Security Agency ) do
let us know by sending us your mailing address so we
can send you there information in whichyou are going
to use in contacting them so you can make the payment
for the safe keeping.

Note: Once your payment have been confirm by there
accountant officer, your ATM CARD will be delivered
to you ASAP.

Get back for immediately delivery of your ATM CARD.

Thanks for your understanding.

The Manager
GEC: Mr Mark Paul
FastWay Delivery Comapny
Fax: +2348076350091


  1. ugh can you imagine! Desperate people out there I tell ya., make it hard on the honest ones and you really need to keep a close eye on such events,

    thanks for the heads up...

  2. Perhaps if they cleaned up the grammar, you might be convinced???

  3. Its gotten to the point where I just delete any email that has horrible grammar - spam, scam, or otherwise.

    Someone (really dense) must fall for this stuff or they would quit emailing it.

  4. Truly sad. What people won't do!!

    I thought I had lost you altogether when I tried to follow the link you left on my comments. Said only could be seen by invitation. Then I tried the old link again today and yay, there you were!

    Things are fine in FL. Just hot. Hope all is well in OK. We will probably be back mid July and check everything out. I still don't really feel retired!!

    Keep writing! You are an inspiration to me. I plan to start writing next week on T and Ths. Maybe some articles, short stories, and work on my book. Need to get busy!

    Take care. Best. D