Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Incident.

Someone went through Russell's truck and car. He found his truck door open and somebody went though the console thing in his car looking for something to steal. He had a small amount of cash that was taken and a digital voice recorder thing. We don't know how they got in to the vehicles because Russell says they were locked. His car is parked only a few feet from our bedroom window so this makes me mad that somebody was breaking in during the middle of the night while we were sleeping.
They did not go in my van as far as I know. Maybe they got scared when they saw all the junk inside.
See what I mean? Wouldn't this scare you off if you were a thief? ;) OK so my van does not look that bad but if you were to look in Russell's work truck the whole back seat if full of his work stuff, tools etc and it will take him awhile before he notices something is missing.

OK so far the mini bike has been stolen from the back yard and now 2 vehicles have been gone though. It makes me wonder if the house will be next. I'm sure that they can see that we have an alarm system so hopefully not. We even have a motion sensor light in the front of the house. We do live near two busy streets and also an alley behind the house where people walk though because there are no sidewalks. Before we moved here, I never would have thought that there would be much crime in this city. But times are desperate for some people with the economy the way it is and that may be making things worse. It just makes me mad that people think they can take what they want instead of going out and earning the money like we had to do. I hope Karma comes and bites these people right in the a$$. And I'm sure it will. What goes around, comes around. No doubt about it.


  1. Oh man I am sorry to hear this is happening again. :( It really makes one wonder what thigns are gonna be like as it gets closer to the holidays and people are feeling desperate.

    I agree with you what goes around comes around and karma will catch always does!

    Hope things get better for you!

  2. *Shaking head*

    Times may be hard for some people, but that's no excuse for breaking in to vehicles, stealing things, etc.

  3. Indigo Incarnates

    Someone stole my car once. It was an '81 Chevette with 225,000 miles. I guess someone must have been pretty desperate for a car.

  4. Sorry you guys are having to deal with thieves! I know they said on the news up here in Fargo, too, that robberies have increased a lot in the last year or so since the economy has been bad. So creepy to think of them skulking about while you are sleeping. I am sooo glad you have an alarm system for the house!! Sad that people think the answer is to steal. :(

  5. Sad some people would steal before they just ask for help.

    ...and help would be given more times than not.