Wednesday, November 4, 2009

But it was part of the decor......

That's what I kept telling myself when I looked at the cobwebs on the wall and the ceiling fan. It was a necessity for Halloween. I didn't have to lay out any cash for those unrealistic fake looking ones. ;) Now that it's over with I can't use that excuse any more and I must dust them away....I'm sure I mentioned on here that dusting is my worst chore. So I will put on my high heels, pearls and June Cleaver dress and dust away. :)
Oooops wrong picture.....where did that come from? I've never seen June looking like that before.

Do you think I could hire this naked guy to do my chores for me? I wonder how much he would charge?
Ok....seriously thought I'm gonna dust those cobwebs off the wall and fan and ask myself why it can't be Halloween all year long. I wonder if Russell will notice they are gone? I doubt it since he never noticed they were least he did not say anything about them.

Off to dust now! Really. Well, Maybe.


  1. Hey Barb, sorry to hear about all the thiefs in your neighborhood. I wanted to ask you if you have ever seen the "walmart customer pictures" circulating the internet. They are of walmart customers and the different clothing they wear. I was going to e-mail you but couldnt remember if you were butterfly?

  2. I hate dusting too...

    Here is an award for you:

  3. I laughed out loud at the picture of Mrs. Cleaver! Yup! A side of her we never saw--and isn't that Eddie Haskell in the mirror!!! OMG!

    Funny--I don't actually like those huge over-muscled guys. I wouldn't want him cleaning over here--ROFL! He looks like he'd be happier in a gym, anyways. I'll let him off the hook.

    I hope you got the webs. But they did make perfect Halloween decoration--hehe! :):)

  4. Oh my, Mrs. Cleaver, you are so lovely today!