Thursday, December 17, 2009

Terror On The Toll Road.

Ok I admit it. I HATE toll roads. I hate driving on them. Not because I have to pay a toll....I don't know what the problem is. I try to avoid freeways as well. Yesterday, I had to go on a toll road and it was very nerve wracking. Before heading to a nearby city, I got cash. $20. I made it through the first toll. The second was not that long after. I start to see these signs that say exact change only. What the heck? I get up to the toll and this tollbooth no longer had people in it. You just have to drop in your coins which was 55 cents. This was not like this last time I drove though it. So I get my change from the first toll, and only have bills and 2 quarters. Since there was nobody behind me, I hunt around for another nickle. No luck! Uggghhh...Who came up with this bright idea? Finally a guy pulled up behind me and I got a nickle from him. This was very stressful. I finally get off that road and the first gas station I see, I stopped and got a soda so I could get change. I told the guy I needed quarters, dimes and nickles. He gives me 2.50 in change. So then I go to Pet Smart (after only 2 wrong turns) where I spend a ridiculous amount of money for those things that go on the cat's nails and the drops that you use to calm them down so you can put them on. I thought about going to some other stores because there were tons around there including book stores which are my favorites. I was too stressed out so decided to head home. The ride home seemed shorter and I made it to the cash only toll booth in no time. I go to get out the change which I'd put next to my cup holder thing. I look for 55cents. That dimwit guy in the gas station only gave me quarters and dimes! I'd asked for nickles too. So I decided I'd put in .60 and if it didn't give me a green light I'd make a run for it. I'm serious. I just wanted to get out of there. Luckily, it took it. At this point I did not care if I got a ticket. I made it though the next toll and home and only went the wrong way once. So....$36.00 for cat stuff, a quarter tank of gas, $4.10 for tolls and a lot of stress is what it cost me to buy stuff for a cat that is not even ours. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I have a GPS and still went the wrong way several times! Ok, I am definitely directionally challenged.


  1. I hope you can laugh about it now. :) I could totally relate! I have NO sense of direction and am easily lost. I sometimes can't even find my car in the parking lot at Target! And if I go to a bigger mall I have to write down what store was by the door I came in so I don't forget. Everywhere I face is north. When I was a kid I thought north was up--and up was the best way to go, I thought. and we learned it--north, east, south, west--so whatever way I am facing is where I start--north--ROFL! Absolutely zero sense of direction. I am still chuckling. I hate toll roads, too!

    I hope you can drug Sasha and get the caps on her claws!! :):)

  2. Yikes. I'm a slave to my EZ-Pass and don't even know what the toll amount is 3/4 of the time as I sail right on through.

    I hope those kitty mitties work!

  3. This is so what I would do if I lived near tool roads!! I'm sorry to laugh, but know I am right there with you!! Take two cheesecakes and call me when the cat is gone!!

  4. Don't you hate that exact change crap...sorry for your know you can ask that GPS to void those roades...I do as much as possible.

  5. You are not alone - I have no sense of direction either!


  6. Deep breaths! Deep breaths!

    Feel better?

    Sat Navs and such aren't a guarantee of correct directions. I don't care what anyone says. My Mam has one, and we've gotten lost more times using that than just reading signs and hoping for the best. I hate the things, and wouldn't want to trust one if it was me driving.