Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I don't understand.....

how things have gotten so out of control when it comes to Christmas. Ok....I can understand putting up a tree and a few decorations and maybe a few strings of lights but not the following:

1. putting up so many outside and inside lights that it raises the electric bill an extra $100.

2. Those big, ugly plastic bubbles that are supposed to be a snow globe.

3. Spending so much on Christmas that you have to put it on your credit card and pay for it for the whole year.

4. Everything has to have a Christmas *version*....towels, placemats, dishes, candy, clothing, pens, pencils, and about a million more things. Really doesn't it look silly with a reindeer on that bright red sweatshirt?

5. It takes the kids so long to open their gifts that they are fussy and whiny and just want it to end.

6. People are super nice at holiday time....and mean and hateful the rest of the year.

7. People know that Christmas is coming yet they are surprised when it's getting close and they don't have the money to spend.

8. People start shopping a year ahead of time for one holiday that's over as soon as the presents are open and the food is eaten. Is it really worth that much time and effort?

9. People stress over that perfect gift to buy for that very picky person. They worry that the person won't like it. Well so what....give a donation to a charity in their name and call it done. They won't like what you give them anyhow.

10. Plastic. Everything is plastic. Trees, ornaments, toys, decorations etc. We all know how bad plastic is for the environment. What is wrong with going natural?


  1. Amen!

    I think those inflatable lawn things are extra horrible!

  2. My camera is a Cannon. My husband is always getting on my case about not reading instructions

  3. I guess I am glad that I am not out in the stores during the holidays much at all. There are advantages to being poor and having Christmas alone--ROFL!! I love my quiet Christmases with Karma watching It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story--ahhhh! Peace and goodwill toward men. Maybe I have lots of that because I am not around them much anymore--ROFLMAO!!! :):)

  4. Yes, some people do go a bit over the top. But don't let them ruin your Christmas. Just keep it as you want to celebrate, and leave it at that. What others do is up to them.