Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Speaking of Cats.....Real Cats

This is the grandcat and she has come to visit for a few weeks or maybe a month. Russell's daughter Tanya drove all the way from TX to OK so Russell could catsit for her baby. This cat is a wild one. At first she just hid under the bed in the guest bedroom. Then she started venturing out and becoming more friendly. Now she's not afraid of anything. Just today, she jumped on the table, the kitchen counter, and my desk. She clawed my exercise mat all up. I have not seen her use her scratching post once. Not yet, anyhow. The dept. manager at my work told me about some things called cat caps that you put on a cat's front claws. They prevent the cat from scratching things. First you have to give them some drops called Cat calmdown so they get drunk and you can glue the caps on. These caps stay on until they chew them off and then have to be replaced. I am going to look for these tomorrow and may have to drive all the way to a nearby city to get them. It's worth a try. Here are a couple of pictures of the little devil. :)
It looks like she is still just a kitten so we will try to forgive her naughtiness.

Here she is sitting with Russell on his chair. See all her toys in the background? She may be a bit spoiled.


  1. shes so cute! My grandkitten is coming over tonight because she is lonely. Im going to have to look into those cta caps you spoke of. My cats and my dogs have clawed up my new bedroom furniture

  2. Ahhhhh Sasha is really cute! She looks purrfectly contented. My niece had to do that with her cat's claws, they stayed on for quite awhile. Take Care hon,I have really neglected my blog so I am going to delete it, but i will catch up with you on Facebook.

  3. Kitten mittens huh?

    :) They really make interesting things these days -

  4. Sounds like the caps might be worth a try. I decided I wouldn't have a cat again unless it was declawed. After years of cat patrol and spray bottles--it is heaven to never have claw arguments with my feline companion. In order to have a cat here in this building it had to be declawed anyways. And my last cat was the first one I ever had declawed. I always thought it was cruel--but they have lasers now when I had Karma done and it is not as painful recovery--at all! I know it is not your cat and you have no choice but to put up with it for the catsitting time, but you can tell her that the laser treatment for claw removal is really a breeze compared to the old way. Be worth saving her money. The cat must be tearing her place up, too.

    Sasha looks like a real charmer--and young, wild, and spunky! I just love cats! I hope the caps will stay on for as long as you have her. I bet by the time she leaves you will really miss her--hehe! :):)