Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What is he? A stray cat?

I see him in the store every morning just wandering around or sitting on the bench minding his own business. He is thin, haggard and his skin is weathered from being outside so much. From what I understand he is homeless. I've tried asking around but can't find out much about him. Yesterday I walked by him and said hi and started making my way to the back where the break room is. I see the man who is sweeping the floors and asks him if he knows anything about him. I say....maybe I should buy him something to eat. He said if you feed him he will keep coming back. Ugghhh.....I think to myself but hold back from saying anything.....he is a HUMAN BEING. He is not an animal. He is just as loved by the creator as anyone else and just because he's made some mistakes does not mean he is LESS. The man then said....I could feed him the popcorn chicken that I swept on the floor. That made me mad. Where is the compassion? I went back to the bakery and bought a big muffin. I didn't know if he'd take it. I told the cashier, and she said she was thinking of buying him a drink. I said....do it. She was going to buy a soda but I suggested milk. I went up to him and said....I work here and bought you this. He was surprised and said thank you. I thought about him all day as I was working. I need to try to find out why he is homeless and do more. There is no excuse for this. Right now it's freezing out. It's supposed to get down to 18 degrees. I hope he is at the store staying warm. I'm glad they don't make him leave. I used to see him there at night when I worked late. One time, someone called the police, probably cause he was hanging around but the store did not make him leave.

Do y'all ever wonder what the purpose of life is? I think that it's to help others. It's certainly not to acquire material possessions as many seem to think. Do something for someone else today. No matter how minor it is, it affects the entire UNIVERSE. An act of kindness ripples out like a stone thrown in a lake. Peace to y'all in this Yuletide Season.


  1. Good Morning from snowy Minnesota,

    Everyone has a story, some by fate some by fault and some, well just a story I guess, many years ago as a child of age 14 my family became homeless, It is amazing even back then and this is like 25 years ago,how people perceive you, but there are a handfull that reach out and truly touch a life!! I know,...I have been there, and I am still in contact with the few that touched our lives back then! So much to be greatful and thankful for. I hope you are able to touch this man life! I personally think you already have!

    Holiday Blessings sent your way

  2. I stand humbled by your unselfish act of kindness.

    And you are so right and some people's attitudes can be downright offensively horrible.

  3. Okay first let me wipe my tears. I would have slapped that employee that was sweeping!! Well maybe not slapped but I would have spoke my mind. It's sad. I love this post. Humanbeings thats what we all are and we all have a story. If I was super rich I would most definitely share my wealth

  4. I lived on the streets one summer when I was 18--back in the peace and love years--ha! I remember going days without food. But I can't imagine being on the streets in the winter! We have homeless people freeze to death up here every once in a while.

    When I lived in Moorhead (across the river from Fargo) I was in a small apartment building and I could see the dumpster from my bedroom window. I saw a man eating the end of a sandwich from a crunched dirty styrefoam take out container. He went to rummage some more. I had one apple left--and walked out and gave it to him. He was highly suspicious of me at first (and I tried not to let on that he scared me a little bit, too) but he took it. Gobbled it down as soon as I turned to leave and I watched him eat the core from my bedroom window. You feel so helpless.

    You demonstate the true meaning of the Christmas spirit. And people should have that spirit all year round--loving each other--kindness--compassion. I wonder if there is a shelter he could go to? At least at night to stay warm and have a place to sleep?

    We are all God's children. :):)