Saturday, March 20, 2010


Yesterday afternoon it was 72 degrees out. The leaves on the rosebush in the front were coming out, the grass was starting to turn green and my friend at work says her peach tree was starting to bud.  Now it looks like this:

It's not actually snow but little tiny balls of hail. If you look closely you can see them in this picture. Russell said they hurt when they hit you but I'm not about to find out.
I guess that Mother Nature had to send us one last icy blast so she can show us who's boss. 

Work has been crazy. As I said before my dept. manager was on jury duty and gone for several days, the old guy in the bakery retired do to health reasons and the young girl was in Mexico with her church group. We've been doing double work and I had to even work on one of my days off which was Wednesday. I went in Wed.  morning at 3:30 am (I decided to go in a little earlier) and somehow I managed to get everything done except the cleanup by 8 am. This is work that normally takes 8 hours.  Then another woman came in early and took over for me. I ordered the stuff I needed and then went home about 8:15. I was so tired that day that I fell asleep about 4 pm and slept on and off for about 14 hours. Then I was off the next day but did not even feel like I was off at all. Things are getting back to normal now that my dept. managers trial is over and *J* came back from vacation today. The store has been crazy as well. Everyone has been flocking to the store in case the storm gets bad. After the last storm I think everyone wants to be prepared. Even so, I can't see buying tons of stuff in case the power goes out, unless you have a generator to keep the fridge running.  

The bathroom is coming along pretty good. Russell has the framing up and some of the sheet rock. He needs to do the electrical before he can finish the walls. He bought the toilet and sink and the vent fan for the ceiling. It's a fan/light/ heater all in one. This bathroom will not have any other heat source unless we leave the door open so the heat part will come in handy. He's going to do all the plumbing himself as well. He's had plenty of practice since we've been here in Oklahoma while working for our former landlord.  This is a really crappy picture but it's hard to take one with the way things are positioned. I can't stand far enough back in the bedroom and where the bathroom door is it's in a hallway and I can't stand far back either. This is where the bathroom juts out into the bedroom. It does not take up much room at all. I'll try to get a  pic of the inside when he's done.


  1. The weather is crazy!! I had sandals on yesterday and it is freezing today.

    Can't wait to see the finished bathroom!

  2. Wow! That Russell is a handy man to have around! :) Going to be so nice when it is all done.

    Hail that is deep enough to look like snow! Good grief! And it was just 72 degrees? So many areas are having the craziest fluctuations this spring. I hope it hasn't harmed the new spring growth. And I hope it melts away rapidly and warms up again. Glad work has settled down a bit again, too. :)

  3. That's what people seem to forget... The fact that all that food will go bad if they have no power, and half of it wont be able to be eaten anyway because of cooking it. Bulk buying in case of storms only really works if you get things that can be eaten raw and are classed as non-perishable items. Like, canned fruits, nuts and seeds, cereals, etc.

  4. Between the irregular hours and the crazy weather, no wonder you are a little tired. That kind of thing can be brutal.