Monday, March 22, 2010

Strange Weather

The ground is clear again. The snow and hail melted as fast as it came. It was really windy yesterday and when going to work it was difficult to even close my car door because of the wind resistance. Today it's supposed to be up in the 60's and right now it's sunny. Maybe Spring is finally here. I am so ready for winter to be over. 

I'm off work today and tomorrow. Yipppeeee! Things have started to calm down at work and maybe I won't be so tired  now. Yesterday I was in my room listening to Hay House radio and started to fall asleep at 5 pm. I slept on and off till 2 in the morning which is my normal time to get up. I decided to try to go back to sleep and woke up at 5 am with a headache. As soon as I had some caffeine it went away. 

Russell has been working on the bathroom whenever he gets a chance. He's been working a lot so that doesn't leave much time for it. However, he did get quite a bit of the wiring done after work last night. That's the most time consuming part of it. He's also putting in a network jack (for the computer) and another electrical outlet on the other side of the bathroom which is the extra bedroom. This house is very much lacking in outlets. Back when they built it, probably in the 30's or 40's people did not have all the gadgets we have now. Eventually, he's going to rewire the whole house. All the plumbing needs to be redone as well. 

So today I'll be doing housework, catching up on laundry, paying bills and all that fun type stuff. Sorry blogger fans that my life is not more exciting. I know you hang on my every word and check my blog numerous times daily for new posts. Haha......I am so joking!! I am just an ordinary person living a simple life and that's the way I like it.


  1. That's good news about the weather improving, and about things calming down at work. I'm also glad to hear Russel is getting the bathroom done at a reasonable speed - considering work and such. :)

    It's actually the every day things that some of us like to read about. People like me who are nosy sods like to know what's going on in everyone else's lives. ;)

  2. Hello My Dear

    I miss you so much its just the circumstance were like that bt anyhow I wanted to give you very Good news that I am aunt again..We have a little baby girl.


  3. I do enjoy everything you post... I've just been really busy lately and am only now catching up with things.