Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wednesday Night

Well, I'm still tired but not as much. It probably has to do with the big (M) menopause and I'm sure the guys that read this don't want to hear it. I have a few symptoms like CRAZY, TIRED and IRRITABLE. Sounds fun huh?

Russell has been working nonstop and he's exhausted. We are like some 90 year old couple. We need to sit in rocking chairs on the front porch and I'll knit a 20 foot long scarf while he whittles wooden legs for the needy. :)  He can smoke a pipe and I'll hunt around for my granny glasses which have been on my head all the time I was looking for them. He will probably have a hearing aid which he will turn off when I talk too much. Then I'll chase him around the house with my cane for not listening to me in the first place. I'll show him! 

I've completed a couple more crafty things and I'll take pictures soon. I made cloth napkins, an apron, and finished two blankets for our old people recliners/rockers. I have one more thing to finish up and then I'm going to work on Barbie doll clothes for my granddaughter Cassidy. That will be fun. I love making doll clothes. I even bought a doll to use as a model to make sure the things fit right. 

Well that's it for now. I'm going to bed as soon as I get my stuff ready for the morning and clean up the kitchen. I hope y'all have a great night!


  1. Wow! You have been busy! I don't think you're quite ready for the rocking chair yet--hehe! The picture of old you and Russell was a hoot, tho! :) Menopause can be really annoying. Take good care of yourself. :)

  2. Don't confuse me like this...it is Tuesday woman!! I have trouble enough keeping it straight...I don't need your help to mix me up..LOL Get some rest...

  3. LOL! I don't think you're quite ready for rockers just yet though.

  4. I'll have to keep Russell's wood carving skills in mind should I ever need a wooden leg... LMAO!! I loved that bit of writing!