Thursday, April 22, 2010


I now have the freedom to say what I want on this blog.  I had to be careful before with whatever I said because people would read my blog and occasionally leave rude comments. Russell's ex wife and a couple of her kids would read my blog daily and I really didn't like that invasion of privacy because there intentions were not good. His ex wife would even log onto my blog at the college she was attending and taking art classes. I found the whole thing very odd and uncomfortable. Knowing the morals of these people, Russell and I think that they were up to no good. We know that they already stole from other family members....going so far as to break and enter into an elderly woman's house and just about wipe her out. They even took her memories of her late husband when they stole her photo albums and personal papers. They took many things but I think that is what hurt her the most. They have a long history of theft. Russell's son when he lived with us, took many things.  His daughter when she was younger and came for a visit tried to take some of my stuff but Russell made it a point to take the kids out to eat before they left so I could search their stuff. I found a bunch of my stuff in her suitcase. That is why I have a hard time now when she comes to visit. Some of my movies are now gone and I really don't know what else. I don't know if they were misplaced or she took them. It's hard to accuse when you don't have actual proof. The thing that bothers us is this....they always get away with it. We think they will get away with this recent theft which is a felony because of the amount of things taken. 
I really want to trust his kids! I want to be able to trust his daughter who does visit us. But how can you just overlook the past? I believe in giving people another chance. We gave his son many chances. How many chances can you give a person? Unlimited?  When does it end? 

So this is the reason I chose to make this blog private. It's not something I wanted to do, but I wanted a way where they could not read about our every day life and see what was going on here. But I also created my new blog, which will contain no personal information so I can still meet new people as I met all of you. I have met so many great people by blogging! You are all special and I'm happy to be a part of your anyhow. 

Well that's it for now. 
Happy blogging!

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  1. That's awful! No wonder you didn't want them reading your blog.