Monday, April 26, 2010


Two days off! Yipppee! Last night Russell came home about 8 pm and wanted to watch the Avatar move cause I'd recently bought the dvd. I knew that since I got up at 2:15 that morning that there was no way I'd be able to stay up for a 3 hour movie. I was right. I fell asleep within a matter of a few minutes. I do love that movie, I just could not stay awake for it.

We have a new girl at work. She is doing the bread but she will not be an extra person because she's going to take the place of Sheila who is retiring. We are supposed to get another new person....maybe starting today? Another woman who will also help with bread on the other lady's day off. They would not need two people but now Walmart no longer hires full time people. I think they want to cut back on the benefits they have to pay out. They still have insurance for part timers but it's not worth it. Even the insurance they have if you are full time is not worth it. I think the policy at Walmart is have as few people working as possible and do as much work as possible. It really doesn't have to be that way, but greed takes over just like it does in many companies. They lose track of what is really important and that is people. Sam Walton was very proud of the way the associates were treated. Once he died, things went down hill. Sad huh? OK so enough about work.

Russell still has not had time to do any more in the bathroom. He is hiring a guy he knows to do the texture on the walls, it's just a matter of him getting over here to do it. It should not take long. Once that is done, he can do the plumbing part under the house. And I'll paint the bathroom and decorate it. There is not really much to do in that area since it's small.

Yesterday, I accidentally came across the FB of the stepfather. I don't even know how I found it, I think I was looking at another blog and came across  one that had his same last name. He looks very old. Looking at his picture made me feel sick to my stomach. That just goes to show that I have not let go of the past as much as I though I had. Louise Hay who is very much an inspiration to me says that we need to forgive in order to let go of the past. It sure is easier said than done. How do you forgive parents who made you feel like you were less than nothing? If you have an answer I sure would like to hear it.

Well, that's it for today. It sure is nice to be able to write what I want on here.
Hope y'all have a wonderful day. :)

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  1. That sounds about right for how companies seem to work now. :(

    Hope that bathroom can get finished soon.

    Sometimes it's hard to let go. Only you can really find the way to do so though, so there isn't really any advice I can give.