Thursday, April 29, 2010

Progress & Laziness

There's finally been some progress in the bathroom. Russell actually had a whole day yesterday where they did not call him in to work. He got the toilet put in and a lot of the plumbing underneath the house done. Now....the guy who is doing the texturing to the walls....that is another story. What a lazy ass he is! Pardon my language but it's true. He's come over here about 3 times and each time he only does a couple hours of work. Russell is paying him by the hour and that was a mistake. He should have paid him by the job when he was done. At this rate he will be done by next Christmas. I think Russell is going to end up doing it himself. The second time this lazy man came over, he smelled like booze. Russell was not here so I told him about it.  Today he worked about and hour (minus the 15 min. smoking break) and then went home sick. Sick? Yeah...sick of working. He has his own buisness.....painting and texturing but he has no money. We now know why. He barely works. The thing is, he does a good job but has no motivation. Well enough about the bathroom adventure.

It's getting hot here. Well...I should say one day it's hot and we have to run fans, then the next day it's cold and we have to put the heat back on. It sure is wacky weather. It was pretty hot at work as well. I think they need to crank up those air conditioners. The new girl at work seems to be doing ok but she seems a bit lazy as well. What is it with young people? What happened to work ethics? Some younger people (only some) seem to want others to pick up their slack or do the work for them. Anyhow, I like this girl but don't know if she is going to make it in the bakery. Sheila will be leaving tomorrow and then she will have to do it all herself. For her sake and ours I hope she can do the job. Today after all my own work, I decorated those giant cookie cakes and tons of cupcakes. I did a whole table full of cupcakes. See Russell....I am a stepford wife. (private joke)
 I think doing the cupcakes is my favorite part of work. I tried cakes but don't have the patience for it. Sometimes I do the bread as well which I don't really mind.
Well, it's time for me to get off here. It's just about my bedtime. Hope you all have a good night. Keep cool.

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  1. I'm glad Russel managed to get the time off he needed to get some of the work done in the bathroom. Shame that other guy is such a lazy bum! Some people today are terrible!

    I've never been any good at decorating cakes and cookies. I can bake them, but decorating them is another story. I think it's the lack of ability for hand eye co-ordination. I mean, I was never good with hand eye co-ordination even before I lost my sight.

    Great, now I want a cake!