Thursday, February 16, 2012


About 9 years ago, I bought a set that had runes in it and a book called The Book Of Runes. I really didn't take it seriously. But recently I read the book and started doing rune readings for myself. They have been pretty much dead on in what they have had to say. The easiest way to do it is just to draw one rune from the bag and they call it Odin's rune. The one I drew today is called Uruz. It is the rune of terminations and new beginnings. It says that I have outgrown the life that I have been living. It says that there may be a decent into darkness and could involve the loss of someone or something to which I had a great emotional bond. It's all about new growth. Many of the runes have pointed me in this direction. They tell me I need to have patience, not to rush things and that when all is right the universe will support me and I move easily and effortlessly into the future without obstacles. When one does rune readings the information does not come from the runes themselves but it comes from *self*. It comes from our own inner knowledge. That is what I believe anyhow. They are just a tool. Still I find these runes to be fascinating. I have had a great loss in my life, I have felt the darkness just as it has said and I have come across obstacles. I definitely feel like I have outgrown the life I have been living for many years. I'm not sure what the future holds for me. Well I can't really say that either. I created my past, I'm creating my present and I will also create my future. My future is going to be filled with love, light and a new way of living. I'm ready for it. Yes, I am.
Peace to y'all.


  1. ...greetings and merry meet! ~ CELTICSPIRIT!...
    ...sO good to read your positive affirmations! ~ may the five winds blow ~ ever gently upon your temple doors! ~ blessed be!...

  2. My first set of runes look exactly like those and came with a book by the same author but the book I have is called The Healing Runes. Check out my post I did on my New Year's Eve ritual and I have pictures there. The book is the same green and everything. You can also see my second set of runes that are acrylic (?) or something--sparkly! They are my favorite ones. I pick them out of a bag, too. So positive!

    Yes, sounds like they are right on. You are passing from your old life and into your new life. Cool! :):)

  3. I plan to start learning to read runes soon.

    I think runes - like tarot cards - are tools to help you find the answers you know are there already, and to help guide you as to possible future outcomes. But I also think that what they say is yet to come will only be if you make it so.

  4. The answers to your questions are within you - the runes may (or may not) help you access them.