Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Along The Bosque

There is nothing as peaceful or as beautiful as the Bosque along the Rio Grande river.It is nature in all it's glory. No matter what season it is, I feel this sense of oneness with nature when walking in this area. Here are some pictures I took. I did not take the first one, it is from Wikipedia. The others are ones that I took on my walk yesterday. 


  1. America is such a land of grandeur, of potent spirits and natural wonder. Thanks for the photos Barb. Sigmund might have something to say about the last two though ;)

  2. I find it easy to connect with nature regardless of where I am. Some places do make it easier though! :)

  3. That tree has a lot of character. Scars and signs of punishment, and yet it stands there and drinks in the sun without complaint.

    I could just hug it.