Monday, March 26, 2012

I spent the weekend having a yard sale and getting rid of things that I don't need. I actually have come to realize  that most of the things we think we need are only things that we want. I had to ask I really need tons of kitchen gadgets that I have not used in years? Or tons of craft items? Will I ever use them? Does having them give me worth or value as a person? No, it does not. Who a person is has nothing to do with what they have...or the job they have...or where they live....or how much money they make. Everyone comes from the same source and that is where they will return to after this incarnation is over. The older I become, the more I realize that we give too much meaning to material possessions. How do we become so attached to them? Is it because they came from a relative who we loved who is now no longer here? We don't need *things* to remind us of that person or even pictures. That person is always with us.....always in our heart.


  1. I love being a minimalist! A few years ago, I started paring down my stuff. I got so tired of spending time cleaning it, moving it, and clearing it out. Now I have time to spend with friends and loved ones, and doing things I want to do rather than being a slave to stuff!

    We are kindred spirits :)

    Love and light,

  2. ...♥...
    I get in the mood for clear outs every now and again...but I'm more ruthless when helping others, no emotional attachement...silly isn't it, I'm getting to the stage though that unless I really need something I won't keep it...and my new motto something new in...something old out.

  3. We don't need all the things we have, but somehow it's so easy to collect things and end up with a lot of things. I don't think it really matters if you have lots of things or very few things though. I know I could manage just fine without much, and be happy.

  4. Some times even the "internal storage" seems to need a spring cleaning.

    Can we only hold on to so much?