Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting Settled In

I still have some boxes in my van. I've been bringing them in a few at a time and putting them away so I don't have a mess in here. I'm hoping to get the rest of them all unpacked today. I did not bring a lot of things with me. I brought with me, kitchen items. clothes, books, movies, music, personal items and a few other things. I knew beforehand that there was not going to be a lot of room here. So far, the place is not looking cluttered at all. I've been organizing which is something I actually like to do.

Things are going great here. I feel peaceful, relaxed and comfortable. The feeling of  awkwardness of the first day is long gone and being here feels like being at home. I'm still finding it a bit difficult to drive around here because it is a much larger city than I am used to. But I don't have any doubt that in time I will get used to it.

What I am not used to is being with a man who treats me the way Peter does. Finally I feel like I am with somebody who loves me the way I love him. The one thing I was worried about before I came here was that there would be no chemistry between us but there is! This relationship seems to go way beyond the physical and feels very spiritual. I am very happy. :)


  1. ...may many blessings flow thru' your temple doors dear gentle kindred spirit!...

  2. Organizing is always fun in my book--LOL! ;) So glad you are dong well and are happy!! I hope you get to meet up with the old girlfriends soon, too. Enjoy!! :)

  3. I *still* am in admiration of your courage. I've *no* doubt you will learn your neighborhood and find your way around.