Thursday, August 9, 2012

Feeling Good

Physically I feel great. Awhile back I was thinking about how I feel better now, in my 50's, then I did at any time in my life. I went through a time when I had a lot of stress in my life and it caused physical pain and add that to the toxic relationship I had in Oklahoma and I felt awful. I try to walk every day but I don't always manage it because it is so hot and sticky here. I know I could feel even better if I could get into some sort of a regular fitness routine. Emotionally I think I am in a good place and something that is helping with that is studying Buddhism. It has helped more than I could have imagined and I think that everything that I have learned up to this point has brought me to it. Every day is a day to practice it (especially with my job)...practice kindness and compassion. That's what it's all about. The people that need the most kindness are the angry ones. They need a smile and a kind word and it just might change their day. :)


  1. A smile and a kind word often makes all the difference to someone who has has or is going through a bad time.
    Take time to sort out your own feelings and thoughts too...don't forget that you come first and your well-being is paramount to anything else.



  2. Very well said :) I totally agree. Unfortunately I'm sometime the one that needs the smile :S