Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Short Story (strange but true!)

Spirit Juice and Voodoo Dolls

I walked into the kitchen and there he was at the calender. He was writing something on it and I asked him what he was doing. He said he was writing down the number of hours that he slept each night because I'd said he slept a lot. I thought this was rather strange and unnecessary and told him so. I found out later that it was just a small part of the paranoia that was to come.

A few days later I was sitting in the living room watching tv and he was taking some of his prescription pills. I'm not sure which ones they were but they were numerous. He was not much of a water drinker, he hated the stuff. But he wanted some to take with his pills and he saw a glass half full of water on the kitchen counter. He asked me.....Is this water or is it spirit juice? He said it in a joking way but I'm sure that in the back of his mind he thought it was possibly something besides plain old water.

He continued to mark the calender each day. Every night the hours he slept and the naps he took...(and they were frequent) were added the calender and he would add it up by the week and tell me how many hours he slept. He felt he had to prove that he did not sleep a lot. I don't think a paranoid, delusional person even realizes how they appear to others. Why did he not realize that I did not care how many hours he slept? It was just a comment that I made the way one does when they make small talk.

There were little things that should have made me realize that things were not right. He made remarks a few times when I gave him food that it could be poisioned. Of course he said it in a joking way but why would anyone say such a thing? I can't even think of one reason why he would ask that. Things only got stranger. We had candles on the kitchen table. He would burn one very early every morning while he read the morning news on the internet. I had a couple of candles on there as well and asked him not to burn them. That was when he asked me if I burned them when I used the voodoo doll that I stuck pins in. I said no, I use them when I pray. I pray to Jesus. Seriously....what kind of person did he think I was? Did he think I was casting spells on him while he was at work? Or that I stuck pins in a voodoo doll to make him have pain?

Towards the end of our relationship I was over my friend Lisa's house for dinner. He sent me a text saying that he did not feel well. Earlier that day, I'd gone to the convenience store to buy a diet coke and I picked him up a Little Debbie Swiss roll which he told me he liked. In the text, he asked me if I had sprinkled it with spirit powder. I told him no, of course not. In his mind, he ate it and it made him sick because I poisoned him. In reality, his own mind made him feel unwell because he convinced himself that I'd done something to that swiss roll.


  1. Holy mackerel....too many drugs in his salad days perhaps?

  2. Aren't you glad you aren't there anymore?! What a huge relief. Sad to be him, though. But good for you to be away and going home soon. :)

  3. Is this a true story? It seems to me that he was really paranoid, but I really enjoyed reading this.