Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back In New Mexico

I arrived back in New Mexico late Sunday. It was an interesting journey and I enjoyed it very much (well, most of it). I had my GPS set for Four Corners which is up in the left upper part of NM where the four states meet. I ended up being too tired to go that far so I'll make that trip another time. Anyhow it took me on a different route that I took on the way to Massachusetts. It took me through upstate New York and it was so beautiful. I found myself about 40 miles away from Niagara falls so I went there. It was amazing and beautiful and I was glad I went....even though I had to go over too huge bridges to get there and back over them to get back on the road. At the falls, I went on The Maid Of The Mist boat. It took us over to the falls....both the American and Canadian side. As we got close water was spraying every where and the water was wild and rough. I loved it! I also walked around that area of New York a bit and it was so different from the Bronx that I passed through on the way there. I love that part of New York and would love to go back there again some day. Much of the route I took was through rural areas and I saw nothing but cows and farms. When I got to Kansas I went through a little town called Liberal and I went to Dorothy's house (OZ) and museum and that was fun too since I'd always loved The Wizard of Oz as a child.
I think it was after Kansas that I changed my GPS route to Albuquerque and it took me back to I-40 west and I made it all the way from Kansas to New Mexico in one day. The whole trip took four days instead of my normal two and a half days.

When I was in Missouri, I got stuck in some pretty bad thunder storms where the rain was so bad I could hardly see to drive. I had to stop for a couple of hours and then I got started again and I got stuck on the freeway where there was a bad accident involving quite a few vehicles. I had to sit there for about an hour. By then it was almost 10 pm and I was ready to stop but could find no place to stop. I ended up driving until almost one in the morning and I had to stay at a rest area which I really don't like to do. Aside from all this, it was a very fun trip. :)

I am staying over my daughter Kayla's house and she has no internet at this time. I do have it on my phone but can't really do to much with it. I am over my other daughter's house right now (Kelly) on one of the computers. I don't miss the internet as much as I thought I would.....

Well, that is it for now. Hope you all have a good week.


  1. I'm glad you have reached your destination. I hope you are enjoying your daughter :) and your week also. I enjoyed seeing your pictures on facebook, on route :)

  2. Glad you are back home!! Hurray! Things are looking up. :):)