Sunday, September 16, 2012

Getting ready tomorrow to start the job hunting again. I will probably get something in retail again. :)

Today I went to the Unity Spiritual Center....which I really loved. I'd been going there four years ago when I was in New Mexico. At that time, I'd gone for a couple of months. I will probably become a member because everything about it is great. Hopefully I will find a job where I don't have to work on Sundays.

I've been walking a lot....a few days ago I spent two hours walking down at the Rio Grande river. I walked on the opposite side of it which I never even knew about and there are some great bike paths there. I still have my bicycle so I may even bring that down there sometime....after I get some bike riding practice. I have not ridden my bike for quite some time.

Not much else is new. I just wanted to do a quick update while I'm able to get on the computer so that is it. I hope y'all are having a great weekend!


  1. Good luck with the job search!

    The bike path along the river sound beautiful.

  2. Things are settling in well it seems. So happy for you. I hope the job search goes well. Let us know. Have fun on your walks. Nature is healing. :)

  3. Nothing else, you can apply at KMart since you worked for them back east.