Friday, September 28, 2007

Baking, Cooking and Computer Problems

Banana bread! I made a ton of it today as you can see. I made mini loaves as they cook quicker and Russell likes to grab one out of the freezer and bring it to work. I experimented with my recipe I have on my blog (right side under Family Recipes) and to two batches of it I added pineapple and coconut. *Tropical Banana Bread * To the other two batches I added nuts and changed part of the sugar to brown sugar on all of the batches. So now we have enough yummy banana bread to last quite awhile.

For dinner tonight I made up a new chicken stir-fry recipe. I added some veggies that I don't normally whole corn and water chestnuts. I love both of those in stir fry. Here is a pic of the finished product and I'm going to put the recipe on my Family Recipe section.

Computer troubles. Somebody messed with my computer awhile back and it had to be completely restored so now it is like new again. It's working a lot faster without all the errors coming up. That's why I have not posted in the past couple of days. I'm happy it's fixed. Thank you honey!


  1. I haven't had banana bread since my mother's bf made some when our banana tree fell over in a storm (probably 30 years ago!) He had just gotten into baking, but was prone to short cuts. He made a huge batch of batter and tried to cook it as one loaf in a an enamel turkey roaster! The loaf must have weighed 20 pounds and took 2 days to cook!

    He kept testing the doneness of the center and finally took it out and cut it into loaf size portions. It was the worse banana bread ever! He foil wrapped and froze most of it and never knew that we used the blocks to hold open the freezer when we loaded or unloaded it!

    Never ate the stuff again!

  2. That story is a riot Lisa! I would think that taking 2 days to cook it would be hard as a rock. Jeeze. LOL