Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cyber Life

I've been online for around 10 years now. I remember when we got our 1st computer I was against getting the Internet. I think we had it for a year before I gave in. I didn't want my kids exposed to it. Little did I know how much I would get wrapped up in that online world. When I first got AOL I used to look up recipes, and went on a few message boards. Then a few years later I joined some spiritual type groups and met a lot of great people. I started going to chat rooms and met even more people. I've lost touch with most of those people now as it took up way too much time in my life. Now I mainly use the Internet to do research and I'm back on those message boards and looking up new recipes. For a time I was too distracted by the online life and felt and it was my main focus. I see too many people letting this happen to them and it becomes their whole life which is sad really. I know for myself, that I won't let it happen again. The Internet can be a great tool as long as it's not abused.
Have an awesome day.

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