Friday, September 21, 2007

Culinary Delight or Dumpster Disaster???

I've been searching for the perfect coffee cake recipe, one that had streusel on it. I found this one: Scroll down to Cinnamon Sensation Coffee Cake. I figured I'd double up and make two. Anyhow while making it the batter seemed really thin. Some of it even dripped though the bottom of the springform baking pans that I used. I was thinking that I must have messed up or done something wrong cause it just did not seem right. Acckkkk.....then while cooking it I had to put aluminum foil under the two pans so it would not drip in the oven. Ok....I figured it was going to be a failure. So I continue to cook it and wait...and wait...and wait....It took way longer than the 30 mins it said, it took more like 45. I kept sticking a toothpick in to test and it would still be raw in the middle. I remove the foil from under the pans since it was not dripping anymore and finally it gets done. I let it cool for a bit and then remove the sides of the springform pans so it can cool further. There is what looks like caramel sauce all around the sides from the brown sugar melting. I let it cool for a little longer and cut a piece. Yummmyy....I'm surprised by how good it is. Very rich tasting. Probably very fattening. I'm still going to try out some more recipes cause I wanted one where a lot of the steusel stays on top. But this recipe is a keeper.

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