Monday, September 10, 2007

My daughter Kayla had another car accident yesterday. She was just in an accident in January where someone else was driving, the car flipped over with one girl landing underneath the car and the car skidded over a mile before landing in the ditch. The police said they all should have been dead. All they had were bruises.The Angels surely were looking out for them all on that day. This time she rear ended somebody and the damage was not too bad but she was driving her Dad's truck and of course he is not too happy. Today Kayla went to MA along with her baby Mercedes and they are staying three weeks. She is going to visit her grandmother and other relatives. They are flying and I just heard from Kayla and it's not going too well. It's very hard to fly with a one year old and hold them on your lap. I do hope she has a fun visit.

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