Saturday, October 27, 2007

Growing up on Cape Ann

The Boulevard
Good Harbor Beach
Fisherman At The Wheel
Was it Heaven or Hell? I have mixed emotions when thinking back on the days of my childhood. Gloucester is a place of fishing, lobstering, tourist trade and beautiful beaches. The boulevard where the fisherman's statue is located and where there is also a working drawbridge to let the boats thru are popular places in that city. Liking fried clams and fish is almost a requirement if you live there. Long term residents there have a very strong accent but I did not notice it of course while I lived there. When I moved from MA to NM in 1993 people were always noticing my accent and asking me to say....park the car in the garage. hahaha.....It's funny now but then it was a pain in the neck. Summers for me were spent at Good Harbor beach with a picnic lunch, fishing off the wharfs or playing up in the woods behind the house that I lived in. It sounds like a perfect childhood. But in reality the only sense of normalcy were the times I spend at my grandparents home in Rockport MA which was also on Cape Ann. Growing up with suicidal ,unstable mother and an alcoholic stepfather still have an impact on me to this day. Many of the details of those days are somewhere locked away in the back of my mind maybe forever to be hidden and probably best forgotten. Creating new memories with Russell and our sons is for me the path to healing. I want nothing more than peace, love and serenity.

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  1. My two cents is that the baggage should remained locked in the basement where it belongs!! Just remember the good stuff on the beach, with your grandparents and that handsome fisherman in the statue. You know, as a child I was pretty drifty and blissful (probably receiving alien transmissions.) If you were to talk to me and my siblings at the same time, you would hear very different stories about our childhood. Sometimes, ignorance isn't bliss, it's sanity.