Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ok so I'm not reallly.....

29! Not with a 28 year old daughter. ;) I see that my blog is back to working again, I noticed that yesterday that a lot of my graphics were not coming up. I thought for awhile there they got lost in cyberspace.
I ended up making 3 dozen muffins yesterday and before I got a chance to put them in the freezer my (Not) better half took a bag of them and brought them to work. :( I'll just have to make some more but probably tomorrow. I made raisin bran muffins and pumkin cranberry. Last time I made muffins I made apple streusal and my son loved them so I'll have to make that type again for sure.
I've had a miserable headache all day today and it's just starting to get better now. I gave up the diet coke awhile back due to the poison called aspartame that is in it and now I think I need to try to give up caffiene also. I've been getting heartburn lately but I have noticed that's it always after I have something with caffiene in it....even chocolate! That sure will be something that is hard to give up but I'm sick of popping tums or rolaids like candy.
It rained for the past couple of days and last night we got about an inch according to the water in the rain gage (aka cat's dish) Hey it works.
Some of the rooms are getting switched around here....what was the office is now going to be Russell's sons room and the computer stuff that's in there is going back in our room. His son moved back here on Monday and I'll get some pictures up as soon as I get a chance.
Wishing you a peaceful evening.


  1. If Russell takes the muffins to work, how can I protect him with my taste teating service?? Bad Russell...send those muffin immediately so I can save your life!!

  2. That should be 'taste TESTing" sevice...Sheesh!

  3. Yup, he is a very bad boy for sure! He may need to be punished. ;)