Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Birth Of A New Day

Birth Of A New Day

Stillness of the morning
Eerie quiet
Peaceful calm
A gray mist
Enveloping all that is
Weaving in and out
Like a blanket
Through the bare, skeletal trees
Covered with dew
Like diamonds on
the gnarled arm of an old woman
Then without warning
The fog begins to lift
Everything is clear
The darkness fading
Into the distance
Only now a memory
As the world awakens

Copyright January 8,2008

Early this morning I was inspired to write this bit of poetry. As I looked outside and saw the thick mist covering everything and the air feeling so cool and refreshing this is what came to me. There is never a time when I can just say to myself...ok i'm going to sit down and write a poem....it's more like I get a little prodding from that inner voice that tells me to do so. It's never a struggle for me to write anything because somehow the words just come to me. There is one poem that I wrote called Awakening that I know had to come from within because it just seems so far beyond my capabilities and this is it-->Celtic Spirit: More of my poetry

There's not really much going on today. I'll just be doing the normal things I always do such as laundry, cleaning, maybe working on my crafts. I'm not sure but I may make some bread today if it does not end up getting too hot since it's supposed to be up in the 70's again today.

Blessings All


  1. It was foggy here this morning as well. I thought about taking some pictures but I was running late because of the fog. :)

  2. Hey,
    I have posted about composting. I was unsure about what square foot gardening is, but I think I have a pretty good idea.
    Greg II
    P.S. Great Poem!

  3. Lovely poem, Barb!

    We are sitting here under a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning because of the unusually warm weather. Got the tv on to the local news, and are ready to run to the shelter.

    Such weird weather these days!

  4. The photos go well with your lovely poem. I needed that today, thank you.

  5. What lovely pictures, and what a lovely poem!!! I'd say I'm jealous of the temps that produce fog, but if I do I'd probably wake up tomorrow morning to -40 deg. & ice-fog. *grin*

    Hope the weather is staying nice enough for you to enjoy!