Monday, January 7, 2008

What's up?

I've been enjoying the warm weather since it's back up into the 70's again. It feels wonderful and saves on the electric bill too. :) Yesterday I cleaned out my van and cleaned the carpets in there so it looks like new on the inside again...and smells good too.

Here's a very helpful hint for y'all. Dont bring the stinky trashbags out to the van and forget about them until that night...and then when you remember that night you have to hurry to get to the dump before it closes to get rid of that trash. If you do, you will barely be able to breath and the odor will last for the whole way there and the whole way back. By the way I did this before I cleaned my van. Thankfully.

The yard was starting to look pitiful. Kinda like a redneck paradise, with junk everywhere. Russell finally cleaned it up yesterday along with this son since it was their mess. I'm seriously thinking of painting a sign that says....Russell's Redneck Junkyard and putting it where he keeps all his junk. Strangely enough...he seemed to like that idea. :0.

I've been working on some of my crafts but it's been kinda slow going since I've not really been that motivated. I'll get them done eventually, I always do but sometimes it takes me along time as I don't really have a long attention span.

I find it ironic that when all the woman's type magazines come out in January on the cover there will be a diet plan for the new know how it goes but also in that same issue there will be tons of recipes for delectable sweets of all sorts right alongside the diet stuff. Funny huh?


  1. LOL That's just the American Woman's love-hate relationship with her body & food. Completely insane & irrational.

    *grin* I like your idea for the junk-yard sign. I hope you can get R. to clean up the mess.

  2. You could always take a photo and send it into Jeff Foxworthy. He has the redneck yard of the month award that he gives out. Get R done.
    Usually for us it will be 9 at night and no one knows where their lunch boxes are for the next day. As I type this, they are scrambling for a pencil to do their homework.

    I like the gossip magazines myself. They show a skinny woman and then say she is fat? What's up with that.

  3. I freeze my really nasty scraps (meat trays, bones, etc) so I have flexibility as to when to go to the dump. One day, however, I loaded the back of the truck and then was delayed leaving. Something with a lot of sticky sauce melted on the way to the dump and leaked all over! Yuck!

    If you do put out a sign in the yard, maybe people will stop by and offer to buy the junk!

    Can't seem to get my crafty self started again! Help! I've fallen off my craft stool and I get back on it!

  4. I meant to type: I've fallen off of my craft stool and I CAN"T get back on it!

  5. So true Kati about the love-hate relationship!

    The gossip magazines Greg? Too bad young girls don't realize that's not really how those women even look..there's tons of airbrushing and computer enhancement too. How can our young women even live up to that?

    Good idea on freezing the scraps Lisa! I hadn't thought of that one.