Saturday, January 5, 2008

Live In The Moment

Enjoy the season that we are in the midst of now. Too many people wish to fast forward time and skip to the next season. I hear people's so cold now, I can't wait for the warmer weather. Or .....I hate this heat and can't wait for fall. I now choose to enjoy the season for what it is. What is better in the winter than curling up in a blanket with a cup of hot tea and reading a treasured book or working on some needlework? Watching an old movie? Cooking soup and baking bread? Or in the spring noticing the first buds on the trees that have laid dormant all winter waiting for their rebirth? The brilliant green of those first springtime leaves once they do come out?
Time goes fast enough without pushing it along and always in the back of our minds wanting something else. Enjoy the moment, live in the moment. This applies to many areas of our lives. People say when I get a better job, I'll do this. When I lose weight, I'll do that. I've been guilty of these things myself. Although I'm not making any New Years Resolutions I'd like to take the time to enjoy the moment, put the past behind me and not worry so much about the future. Things always have a way of working themselves out. Everything is a learning experience. Everything happens for a reason. In the end, we will know and understand it all.


  1. Great points, I do try to push spring and summer but I never wish for cold weather. I love it when it is hot. I guess that is because I was raised in Florida. :)

  2. Living in the moment... that's one thing I don't do as well as I'd like. Well, there are tons of things that fit that category!

    With the goofy weather lately (9 degrees the other morning and this morning 63!) it has been easier to be in the moment, because it is so shocking!

    I guess maybe that's the key. Being able to be "shocked" by the usual, the ordinary, so as to appreciate it for itself.

  3. Yes things do have a way of working out, you dont always realise it at the time though!