Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Gardening, Bread Baking, Soup making

I've signed up for the gardening catalogs. I got this following book at the library and I liked what I read and figured I'd order it from Amazon. Well....it was out of print and the people on there who sell the used copies wanted between $49 and $99! Hey it's a good book but not worth that much. These sellers are greedy. Jeeze, it's crazy. I looked for it thru some other sites and found it for cheaper but they were out. So I found a book that supposed to come out today, that if for this areaAmazon.com: Guide to South Carolina Vegetable Gardening: Books: Felder Rushing,Walter Reeves I don't know how this one is but it looks pretty good.
Yesterday I had no bread in the house and decided to bake some. It's been years since I've made bread. We used to have a bread maker way back then but it died. Anyhow I made Honey Oatmeal Bread.
Here's the dough that I made in the Kitchen Aid. Before the first rise.

Ready to rise a second time

After baking
The recipe will be on my Family Recipe page when I get to it.

After slicing - this bread is so good!
I think next time I may make Anadama bread.

Here's the soup I made yesterday with the remaining hambone I had in the freezer. It's made similiarly to the split pea soup I made not that long ago. It has northern beans in it. Yummy with the homemade bread.


  1. Homemade bread?!? *whimper* It smells so good! Yes, I can actually smell it through the computer. Now my family wants to know why I am licking the screen! See what you make me do?

  2. DANG!!!! Both the bread & the soup look delish!!!!! I haven't made bread in a couple of months, I've been so busy. Looking forward to seeing your recipe for that honey oatmeal bread.


  3. Salivating here. It has been a long time since I made bread. I guess I need to do it again. Get those veggies growing this spring. They are so much better than store grown.