Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random Thoughts For Today

I feel like I procrastinate in many of the things that I do. Why I just can't get on the ball and get something accomplished, I don't know. I have so many things that I need to do and do I do them? Not right away, I put them off. They do get done eventually but it's like I'm moving at this sluggishly slow speed, almost like in slow motion. My whole life is in slow motion. Today my goal is to get something done despite the fact that I have to watch the grand kids today. I had forgotten that they were coming over today because their other Grandma who they live with during the weekdays has to work and the grand kids are off school today due to school conferences.

Since this is a blog where I can freely post my feelings I'm going to write about something that happened here last night. It's all about invasion of privacy. I think that privacy is a sacred thing and should not be compromised. Last night I was on this computer talking with a friend. Kayla wanted to get on here and play the Sims so I went on her computer. Mines on dial up so I don't want to go on it till late in case of a phone call. Anyhow I was on her computer and still talking with my friend in IM. Then her bf came over so I went in my room to continue the conversation. She evidently pulled up the IM where I'd been talking. To me that is a major violation of trust. I am an adult and she has no reason to monitor what I say. I mean if you can't trust your own family then who can you trust?????

Mercedes is one wild baby. Just the other day I found her in the bottom drawer of the oven where you can put pans. She had pulled the drawer out and took of her clothes and got in. Roasted baby anyone? Then she climbs up onto a table here that is pretty high off the floor and plays with the huge bucket of laundry detergent. Yesterday there was a piece of chicken left in the fridge from a few days before so i broke it up and put it on a dish for the little dog. A few minutes later Mercedes came out eating chicken. She took it off the dogs dish and then put the plate in the sink. Last night the kids were here and they put Mercedes in a box with a piece of yarn attached and pulled her around the house while she was laughing and smiling. She sure did have fun. She can climb up on anything now and if she can't she will use a chair to get up on it. She's very smart and can figure out how to do anything.

Well I'm going to get off here now and get something done. Love and Light to y'all.

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  1. She really does sound like a hand full. You have your work cut out for you. I have to agree about the privacy thing. Once someone violates my trust I have a hard time trusting them again.