Friday, February 29, 2008


Today was a really good day. I went for a long walk with the grandkiddies and I just not got back from the skate park. We spent probably 2 hours there. I think the boys were a little hesitant to go into the skate park at first since it was filled with tons of teenagers and really not any little kids. Joseph and Alex finally got up the nerve to go in there and it no time at all they were even skating up the ramps. I was impressed with how well Alex did on the ramp. Joseph did pretty good too. Julian however spent the first hour outside of the fenced in area just watching. When we saw a kid his size go in there he decided to try it out also. I ended up sitting outside for about an hour and then I finally went in my car and listened to music. Skateboarding may be fun to participate in but it's not much of a spectator sport. ;) I was happy that the kids all had fun though.

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