Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why Is It?

Why is it that people always want what they don't have? As I was getting ready for work I was thinking to myself about how my daughter Kayla is always telling me she can straighten my hair. What's wrong with having curly wavy hair? People with straight hair curl their hair, and people with curly hair straighten theirs. People dye their hair because they are never satisfied with the color. Or like me they dye it to cover up a few gray hairs. People get contacts to change the color of their eyes. People get plastic surgery because they are afraid of looking older but eventually it is inevitable.
I don't have any answers to this, I'm just kinda thinking out loud. It just seems to me that people are never happy with what they have and that they are always looking for something else. I would love to hear comments on this and what you think about it.


  1. I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that it seems to be completely normal. I've finally come to terms with my hair color (and actually have learnt to like it!) but I still wish it was lightly curly. I still wish my eyes were green, and that I had the guts to legally change my name. (I've always hated my given name.)

    Now, I see the same things in DD. She doesn't like her name (thinks it's boring), wishes she didn't have freckles (I've always loved mine!), wishes she were taller (she'll wind up between 5'7" and 5'9", probably the taller) and wishes her hair were a different color. Even DH, who said he's always liked his name, wishes he could change his teeth. Even the most satisfied among us seem to have SOMETHING they wish they could change. (My dad's is his receding hairline, and his double chin. My Mom went ahead & had weight-loss surgery & is slowly working her way through all the cosmetic surgeries now available to make her smaller body look better. And she dyes her hair, instead of keeping her beautiful natural silver color.)

    *shrug* No idea why, but we westerners at least seem to be completely incapable of being perfectly happy with who we are. Physically as well as emotionally, mentally & spiritually. But the physical is the only aspect that's TRULY talked about in our society.

  2. There's an old Sudanese story that explains that. God offered humans a choice. They could either accept his gifts of food, shelter and love, or they could choose "The What."

    What is the what?

    Well, the what was God's punishment for not appreciating His gifts. So, the people of the world who chose food, shelter and love got it. People who chose the What were given an insatiable desire for power, wealth and beauty.